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HP R & D Interview Experience - Mysore, October 8, 2014
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Namratha R
Hi all,

I attended HP interview process and was offered for R&D Engineer at bangalore :)

FIRST ROUND : Written test. (Difficult paper and time management was difficult) 

Three sections:

Apti: 20 questions.

More on Ratios, Blood relations, Time and work. logically related questions were difficult.

Tech: 22 questions.

Questions were on OS paging Algorithms, Algorithms, AVL tree construction, DS, Code snippets.

C++/Java: 8 questions.

I took C++. Questions were on Virtual functions, Inheritance etc. All included lengthy code snippets.

SECOND ROUND: Technical round. (easy)


1) Macro to find even or not without using modulus operator.
2) Different phases of compilation.
3) Libraries : where is the definition for strcpy present?
4) Given a string, create linked list for that (check for null string).
5) Questions on pointers.
6) Hashing techniques.
7) Project discussions.

THIRD ROUND: Managerial round. (easy)

Questions related to software project management.

1) Like you\'re team head denies to attend a client thinking it as unimportant what\'s your take on that?
2) How will you manage and work in a team?
3) Strengths and weaknesses?
4) Are you updated with current technology?
5) What are your other interests?
6) How do you see improvement in yourself till date?
7) He asked questions from code snippets of written tests.


1) Tell me about yourself?
2) Are you ready to relocate?
3) Are you ok with shifts?
4) Which role do you want to work in?

Suggestion: Do your first round great. They call based on the marks they got in first round. If you were too good in first round. They will be more interested in you compared to rest. They confirmed me offer after one week. Wait with patience.

All the best :)