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Hewlett Packard
HP (Hewlett Packard) Interview Experience - Pune 12 October 2014
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Hii, all I attended HP interview.

There were 7300 students. Due to large crowd first round taken was extempore.

It was to speak for one minute. 20% students were eliminated there.

Next was aptitude round:

In it there were 12 questions on English, 12 question on Quantitative aptitude.

65 question on C++, dbms. Out of 60 students in one batch only 7-8 students were selected.

Mostly question were on using &, <<and ascii values in expression. And derive the output.

There was a technical round:

In this it was question about difference between rdbms and dbms, what is html, tell about your interest in programming.

What is cloud computing?

Then was manager round. In this there was question asked about project, able to relocate or not.

Then was HR round:

They told that testing would be a better choice. But I wanted to work in development part. So I told that I wanted to work in development track.