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Hewlett Packard Interview Experience - Bangalore
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Hi all, my name is Akshata and I attended Hp interview in the month of December 2013, Here is my experience.

1st round-Aptitude:

Quantitative - 12 Questions (time and work, profit and loss, Problems on train etc. ,).
Verbal - 8 Questions (including passage).
Technical-35 Questions (most of them were from C++, and also from C, OS, DBMS).

2nd round-Technical (elimination round).

This round went for 45 min.

1st question was, brief me about yourself.

Then he asked me to explain my project in a board.

He asked me about basic concepts of C, C++, DBMS, JAVA like inline functions, function pointer, pointers, reversing a string.

Without using strrev, reversing a linked list, program to find factorial of a number, swings, Servlets, JDBC, etc. ,

Gave me a scenario to write DBMS query.

Asked two puzzles.

3rd round- Managerial (elimination round).

This round went for half an hour.

This contained both the Technical and HR questions.

He asked me to tell about myself.

Difference between fault and defect.

Compilation steps.

Primary key and super key.

Different Ways of sending a piece of data.

Alternate method to replace a sequence of pointers.

Difference between TCP and UDP.

About IP address.

Asked few questions from my resume.

Most frustrating moment in your life.

Your short term and long term goals.

HR round (no elimination).

It was just a formality round for 5 min.

Again brief me about yourself.

What do you know about HP?

Why HP?

Are you ready to relocate.

What is your package expectation.

How long will you stay in HP.

I hope this will help you guys:) :).