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Hewlett - Packard Interview Experience - Bangalore. september, 2013
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That was a pool campus for some of the top colleges.

The pool campus drive started with a corporate presentation. They told us, about the company, history, products, and about the particular job-profile. It was service delivery consultant. They told that it is a kind of tech support job, hp is a worlds leading provider of networking hardware, software, IT infrastructure, . The job is related to IT infrastructure.

1. First round was gd. One thing I noticed was, h-p will conduct mostly pool campus and first round will be gd, and it will be very easy, . If one is confident, he/she will clear gd, I cleared gd.

2. 2nd round was written test, it was offline, . There were 2 sections aptitude and technical.

Since it wasn\'t for developers. The technical questions were not on coding.

Were like, general awareness of using applications like ms office, using keyboard shortcuts, etc, . Other than that some few questions on networking, (not in depth just awareness!). Then some tech- general knowledge!. Apti was very easy, . One could easily score 9, 10 out of 10.

After that they called shortlisted candidates and told come prepared for next day, .

There will be 1. A technical round, 2. Managerial, . 3. Hr round.

The next day technical rounds started, many candidates were there, and my turn came later,

1. Tech round:

She was a lady, . Shook hand, wished good afternoon, .

She: Tell me about yourself.
Me: Told.

She: Why are you joining an IT company being from ece?
Me: Told a satisfactory answer elaborately, . She seemed to be conviced.

She: Then you should have gone for coding, that would have been your feild!
Me: Justified, .

She: Explain about your project, draw block diagram, etc etc,

Then, about networks, database, server-client, etc.

Then a real life problem, once if a customer comes to you and gives a laptop for servicing and he wants it repaired within one hour, the problem is so huge that you can\'t solve it within one hour, and you need more time, . How will you convince him?

Me: Told, . It went for 20 min. Approx.

I cleared technical too.

Then the managerial round, there were two managers, interviewing a candidate,

They asked me about why am I joining an IT company being from electronics,

Then about database, what do you know about hp, current job profile, .

Database, servers, clients, any instance in my life when I troubleshooted a problem running an application in my pc, .

Real life problem based question, how to convince a customer when you are unable to serve in the way they want you to. , .

From their questions. The job seemed to be troubleshooting the problems received from customers, resolving bugs within the deadline.

They asked number of questions went for half an hour, .

They check problem solving, troubleshooting approach, and analytical skills.

They give information regarding job too.

Be confident and calm.

I cleared this round also, .

Next round was hr.

She asked whether I m ready to work in bangalore/chennai? and in rotating shifts including night shifts?

I told yes,

Then any plans of higher studies?

Me: No as of now. I am looking for a job.

Then regarding why I want to join hp? my strengths, weaknesses,

Then she gave details of compensation, facilities, role etc etc.

Next day they sent the list of selected candidates,. I was very happy seeing my name, it was my first job,. And first job is always special!. I was confident after every round that I am certainly going to get selected!