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HP Placement Paper & Interview Pattern
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HP Placement Paper & Interview
The interview pattern will be as:
 1. Tell abt your self.
2. They will ask for the subjects in which we are strong
( Here they will consider the ranking that we written during written examination & marks we got in written exam)
3. Mostly the interview time will be 45 minutes around (for only people there is about 1.5 hr)
4. HR questions may include here
5. Good thing is They r friendly and cooperative so confidence place role.

If u don t know the answer better not to answer than to tell some bad stuff.

For me 2 people interviewd. As I told them that I am strong in C they told me to write some programs like double linked list, singly linked list(adding node at last), macros, const *,char *,pointer arrays.

The main question that they asked was how can u compile or execute c program without editor. (Using TCC utility)

coming 2 cpp only 1 question i.e what is polymorphism.

Java they asked me about protocol used in JSP, which layer does it belongs to, main differences between Javascript ,java and JSP.

During personal introduction try to excell your capabilities by giving examples like as fast learner, hard worker like..!

If u have any achievements & awards try 2 put them all during personal INtroduction.

The interviewers are very co-operative and highly friendly (so confidence plays vital role)

Make a note that Technical round is the main one.I think there wont be any elimination at HR level unless luck unfavours us. Added Experience is Definite Added Advantage.
 Here are the HP interview questions asked to me..... but it depends on who takes ur interview

1. Tell about Yourself
2. Your fav. prog. language
3. Write string compare program in C (optimize it)
4. What is DML in oracle.
5. What is RDBMS? howz it different from DBMS?
4. What is abstraction? is it only in OOP or in C too? can we say printf func. in stdio.h is an abstraction?
5. How will u write a prog to perpare a report based on sorting files on date. i.e u have say 10 files and u have to sort them n make a report of them date of creation/ size - wize.
6. A question of java prog. where class was subclass of String and few output functions were there.
7. Few questions on output in C related to pointers (easy)
8. Normalization? functional dependency vs. transitive dependency?
9. Unix - some easy ones.
 2nd Round

 u know what is a test plan? is testing important? how will u estimate time taken for testing in product dev. life cycle? given an estimation problem? kinds of testing? what testing a developer has to do ...order of different kind of testing.... which is imp testing or development from risk point of view and from personal point of view. what id more imp. work or money? 
 3rd Round
 tell something about urself....what do u know @ HP? why looking for a change? 
if u have done some cerification/course then why? which are the good companies acc. to u and why?
why join HP? ........ and then

 There are 3 interviews :
 1. Technical interview
2. Program Manager interview
3. HR interview
 I wrote here all the questions I remember. I think I almost covered most of them.
 Technical Interview
 1) What is Open System and Closed System in Computer terminology ?

2) What is meant by Open Source ? Is Java Open Source or not ?

3) Explain MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture ? What acts as controller ? How views get updated ?

4) What are design patterns ? Explain FACADE Design Pattern ?

5) What s the difference between CMM and CMMI ?

6) What is Requirements Development in CMMI ?

7) How do you capture requirements ? Using what method you make sure that requirements are properly captured?

8) What is UseCase ? What is the template to write UseCases ?

9) How do you perform testing ? Do you use any automated testing tools ? If so, what are they ?

10) I have a Web Server, Application Server, Servlet Engine, Database - all located on separate systems behind firewalls. How will you design an application using 3-tier architecture in this case ?

11) What is 2-Phase Commit and 3-Phase Commit in database terminology ?

12) Will the View get refreshed immediately when you update a database table. If it doesn t get refreshed immediately, what method you use to refresh it ?

13) Some websites will have hierarchical display of items. (For eg, on click of a + symbol, all items under this item gets listed.). How do you store such structure in database (Note: You can store as XML object. But how do you store in database tables without using XML) ?

14) What are interfaces, abstract classes. What is their purpose and differences ?

15) What is 3 rd level of normalization ?

16) How do you implement TREE in Java ? How do you implement the same using C or C++ ?

17) What is the difference between Application and Web servers ?

Remarks on Technical interview : The questions are mostly analysis and design related rather than coding related. You should have clear idea of analysis & design in J2EE, how various J2EE components fit into various layers.

 Program Manager Interview
1) Tell about yourself ?

2) What is the most challenging situation faced in your professional life ? How you faced it ?

3) What are the reasons you are leaving your current company ?

4) Do you have any objection for working completely at off-shore or working in a different technology ?

5) Any questions about HP ?

 HR Interview
1) How do your collegues describe you ?

2) What is your current and expected salary ?

3) What are the reasons you are leaving your current company ?

4) What do you know about HP ?