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HP ProCurve Interview Placement Paper
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Paper : HP ProCurve Interview Placement Paper

HP Procurve R&D in Networking Comapany deals with layer 2 1000+ employees 4.75 (excluding benefits) !

 3 Rounds Round
 1: Written Merit trac paper 4 sections :
 a)Quantitative and logical reasoning (30q 30 mins)
 b)C and algortithms (20q 20 mins)
 c)C++ (15q 20 mins)
 d)OS concepts (particulary UNIX) and Networks(25q 25 mins)

Round 2: Technical interview this was an elimination round
 There were two panels. one concentrated completely on Networks questions like wrtie the header formats of ethernet, IPV6, IPV4, What is OSPF? Name exterior gateway protcols . Another on our favourite subjects.

 I was interviewed in the second panel. As my fav subjects are DS, C and OS.. questions on those were asked. Here are a few which i remember. .U have to program an embedded system.. u have stack and queque.
 which wuld u use? why? .
Write a function which does the same function as printf. .advantage of recursion.
 When to use recursion? What do u prefer recursion or looping? .
Explain Dijkstra`s algo .What is a spanning tree? min spanning tree? how to find?
Name some sorting techniques. Best one? Complexity? .
Name some searching techniques. Any technique which is faster than one which is of the order of n? .what is a hamilton path? application? .What is a thread? What is a process? how are these two different? .
What makes process heavy?

Round 3: HR interview .hobbies? and questions on them .Family background .What is the difference b/w a lecturer and a professor? .

Questions on my academic performance .What have u learnt in C++? .What is the difference b/w a 1st sem student and an 8th sem student? .

No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Bangalore