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HP Latest Interview Pattern | August 2008
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Paper : HP Latest Interview Pattern | August 2008
There are four rounds
   1. Written test
   2. GD
   3. Tech round
   4. HR
Package is 2.9lakh p.a for B.Tech and M.C.A 3.2lakh p.a for M. Tech
Nearly 350 students attended for written test
   1. WRITTEN TEST:   (55M) It consists of 6 sections, for each section they gave separate   papers. It is handled by Merittrak Consultancies
   sec 1: analytical (25M)
   sec 2: C programming (10M)
   sec 3: general theory questions (5M)
   sec 4: DBMS questions (5M)
   sec 5: Data communication and networking (5M)
   sec 6: Operating systems (5M)
Analytical is very easy consists of data sufficiency and interpretaion   type. except DCN remaining are not much tough. oh God, after 3h they   anounces results. 86(29 M.C.A\'s) students are shortlisted in this round.
2. GD: This is very cool.   They selected every girl who gone through written. But gents are mostly   eliminated.
   1. child labour
   2. Inflation
   3. Impact of Western culture on Indians
In this round 44 (18 M.C.A\'s) are shortlisted
3. TECH: In this round   there are two panals. one is eliminating and other is very good. In   eliminating panel he simply concentrated on project. He selected only those   who done projects and explained well(1selected out of 5). Where as in other   panel he mainly asks questions on DBMS (keys, cardinality ratio, ER   diagrams, Normalization etc) (4 selected out of 5). In Tech 25 (10   M.C.A\'s) are shortlisted.
4. HR: In this round only   one panal is there and he asks simply about family background, tell about   urself, why hp, your economical position like questions. Oh finally at   11:30PM they anounces the final results. They shortlisted 17 (6 M.C.A\'s)   students.