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Hewlett Packard
HP PATTERN - 07 JUL 2008
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Hi Friends

This is Sirisha from GNITS.. Today 7-7-08 we had HP campus placement.. There is common paper for IT & NON IT branches (previous they informed us that they will conduct diff exam)

The selection process is as follows
1. Written
2. GD
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview

In Written Test there are total 60 questions for 65 minutes (actually they informed us that they will conduct 80Q)
again it is around 5 rounds

1. Analytical Ability 25Q for 20 min...very easy & time will be sufficient... believe that this is the only round where u can gain max marks
In this 5Q are venn diagrams (A+B stands for A is father of B, A-B stands for Ais bro of B. then what is A-B*c so on)
5 Q are data sufficiency
5 Q are cubes related problem
5 Q are blood relation

1 Q is puzzle
4 Q are like a. when $=0 & * =1 what is the value of $****$*
b. ***$*$..

2. C programs 15Q for 15 min
programs are like error types, const, struct & finding the output

3. DBMS 6Q for 6 min

4. OS 5 Q for 5 min

5. CN 4Q for 4 min

6. Unix 5Q for 5 min

As I belong to non IT my exp was little funny bcoz we don\'t have any idea regarding the CSE IT subjects.... but I heard from CSE people that every thing was just basics..

I can only suggest U is just practice venn diagrams because i feel hp likes that problems since from 2003 they r common problems. Aptitude is easy but cutoff is diff for IT & NON IT people...