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Hi Friends

I belong to Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, Computer Science discipline. I attended HP interview on July 4th 08.

We had 4 rounds
Tech I
Tech II

Except Mech and Civil all other branches were allowed to take part.
The aptitude consisted of 4 sections

Section I - Basic Maths and Arithmetic ability
Here there were questions on Venn Diagram, Critical Reasoning, Cubes with painting and removing some cubes, basic encoding as 0 with * 1 with $ etc
Then there were 5 questions on speed, distance, ratio etc
I felt them easy except the last 5 I mentioned. It was a bit time consuming

Section II - C and Data Structures
Some basic things only tested in this section. Very easy to crack if you are thorough in concepts. Data Structures were ok and some misc C progs were asked. Time was quite comfortable here

Section III - OS and Unix
If you are from CSE discipline, you are through this. OS consisted of problems with average turn around time, NTFS FAT32 file systems, and very basic OS concepts. Two Unix commands were concatenated using pipe and the output was asked. And one pattern searching problem also appeared under Unix

Section IV - C++
They gave me a booklet for this section. Because each program runs for complete page and you have to go through that fully within a minute and a half. enum was tested in depth.

Overall 300 plus appeared and 22 were short listed

Tech Round I
Good afternoon sir
then my self intro
He asked my area of interest and I said OS
then he asked me to talk about OS
I explained the mechanism of converting virtual address to physical address in detail and the various page table implementations
then he asked my first project to be explained
next question was what else you know about OS
for this I talked about Scheduler
then i explained my second project
he asked me to write a code for travelling a linked list and I wrote that in C++
then he asked some basic C questions like size of int, float in gcc/tc
syntax of malloc/calloc/new
all are easy and managable
finally do you have any question for us?
I said no and my first interview was over. It went for 40 mins

Tech Round II
Here too I started with self inro. The interviewer was a senior most person with some 15 years of experience. He also aksed me to talk on OS. I talked about TOSS (TCE Operating System Servies) which is a dream OS going to be written by our team for our college.
Then he asked me about my performance in academics. He wrote all the details which I said in my resume then and there.
He asked me to explain my project and I said with much more confidence and more clearly this time.
I have already got an offer from TCS. So he asked why are you joining HP?
Sir, TCS is a service based company. Customers will give specifications and we have to write softwares meeting those specifications. If some specs are not satisfied, then those customers will not return to us. Whereas in case of HP, its a product based company and no one can question us why we have designed this printer like this. We are free to do anything as our choice and companies like HP will keep my brain always engaged sir.
finally he asked do you have any question for me?
I said no and this time it went for 20 mins. A short one.

Self intro
She asked me to talk about myself, my friend etc
then my family
She asked me whether am I ready to go to Bangalore?
Then she asked me about my daily activities
if 4 of my friends are asked to describe me, how would they describe me?
and about my negatives. I said I have stage fear and words will not come fluently when I am standing in front of mass. And identifying this as a negative, I volunteer myself for seminars and I assure you that I will overcome this quickly before joining HP
any question for me?
I asked, HP\'s employee strength is 130,000 and all employees of HP seems very much satisfied. Whats the magic behind the employee satisfaction of each and every employee?
she gave some reply for that
Then she asked about my higher education plans
and the interview went for some 30 mins

I was the last candidate interviewed and after some half an hour they shortlisted 3 and thank God that I was one among them

I wish you all the very best for your success!!!