Placement Papers - HP

Hewlett Packard
HP PAPER - 15 MAY 2007
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Ajay bansal
Hi Friends

1.the paper was totally filled with C.

2.some programs were given and u are asked for the output.

3. give the o/p of the following programs>>>
{ printf("%d", scanf("%d%d", printf, scanf));
1)2 2)2 2 3)0 4)error

b)there was a program of swaping by pointer (check it out)

{char *p="quick";
char q[]="sort";
char *t;
1)quick sort 2)sort sort 3)quickqick 4)sort quick

{ int s[]={1,2,3,4,5,6};
1)error 2)8 3)6 4)0

e)try to know pointer and its various operation (say what will happen if 2 pointer is added or int pointer is addressed to a char etc.)

4.try to know something about firewall and its functions

best of luck
Sayan Guha Roy