Placement Papers - HP

Hewlett Packard
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N prathyusha
Hello Friends

3 Rounds of interview
1-Written Test
3-Hr Round

1-Written Test (4 parts)

First part was Engish. There was a comprehension and article and preposition filling and synonyms and rearranging the sentences.

Sceond part was analytical reaoning- set theory, cubes and age.

Third part - verbal and non-verbal R.s agarwal--- Questions like if + is - and / is + and son on.. what will the value be. Find the odd one out and there were conditions given inference some answers from those.

Fourth part- A 3 page long passage was given. We were told to read it for 15 mins. Then answer a set of question after that.

2-Technical Round
Questions on C, C++, Java and Unix. They will ask your specialized subject and ask questions according to that. They also ask about projects.

3-HR Round It is an informal round. They ask about HP. What do we expect from HP.
By, Udita