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Hewlett Packard
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HP written test held on 07/09/04 at HP office, Cunningam Road, Bangalore.
The Written Test consists of total 4 sections to be completed in 1hr, The Sections were divided as follows:

1. 20 Q on C (Refer Test ur C skills by Y.Kanetkar)

2. 15 Q on C++(Refer any C++ good book)

3. 15 Q on UNIX(Refer any UNIX book)

4. 15 Q on General Aptitude. (Logical Reasoning, Complete the series, Work done etc..)

All the sections were compulsory and are common for everyone and there was no negative marking. I cleared the test and had my tech interview after one week.

Some of the questions asked in tech interview were:
1. Introduce yourself
2. Are u interested in Software development domain or Telecom domain
3. Differences b/w C & C++
4. Write a program to read and print the contents of a file
5. Global variables
6. What is the use of static member functions
7. What is the need for a copy constructor
8. int *p=new int[10]; How will u deallocate the memory declared in this statement and is it necessary
9. Write and show how will u derive a class from another class
10. What happens to the data members during private, public and protected derivation
11. What are virtual destructors
12. Explain how printf works
13. Write a program to find the number of 1\'s in an integer number
14. Something about linked list
15. class templates
16. Explain the project
17. Something about UNIX
18. Why the potholes are circular (surprised!! It\'s a puzzle)
19. There are 3 switches outside the room and 3 bulbs inside the room find which switch is for which bulb (another puzzle).

The duration of the entire interview was 50 minutes, and only one person took the interview in the discussion room.