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Hewlett Packard
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Hi Friends

         I attended the hp written test on 28th of this month at hp office,infantry Road, Bangalore. I am sending the paper pattern for
those who are going to write the test.

The Written Test consists of total 3 papers

1paper-----40Qns----(Maximum from Operating
Systems,Data Structures and some basic Qns from

2paper-----20Qns----(From C)

3 paper----20Qns---(Aptitude and Reasoning)

They give all 3 papers at a time and the total time is 75minutes.

    Sections 2 and 3 are very easy but friends 1 section is some what difficult. So prepare OS and DS well.

     They given one optional paper in Linux. It consists of 18Qns and 15 Marks. It\'s purely optional and Its also a bit difficult.

     Total 150 members wrote the test and they have short listed some 35 members. And they will conduct interviews in the coming 2 weeks.

     They are also taking the resumes by hand. If anyone applied through mail and not received call submit by hand at their office in the cunningham road.