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Hi 2 u Friends

I am salient member of Friends and I got selected in HP and joined on 22nd last month so I am giving my best outcomes of my Technical INterview what I remembered including with lot of recollection with colleagues.

The interview pattern will be as:

1. Tell abt your self.
2. They will ask for the subjects in which we are strong
( Here they will consider the ranking that we written during written examination & marks we got in written exam)
3. Mostly the interview time will be 45 minutes around (for only people there is about 1.5 hr)
4. HR questions may include here
5. Good thing is They r friendly and cooperative so confidence place role.

If u don\'t know the answer better not to answer than to tell some bad stuff.
For me 2 people interviewd. As I told them that I am strong in C, they told me to write some programs like double linked list, singly linked list(adding node at last), macros, const *,char *,pointer arrays.

The main question that they asked was how can u compile or execute \'c\' program without editor. (Using TCC utility)

coming 2 cpp only 1 question i.e what is polymorphism.

Java they asked me about protocol used in JSP, which layer does it belongs to, main differences between Javascript ,java and JSP.

During personal introduction try to excell your capabilities by giving examples like as fast learner, hard worker like..!

If u have any achievements & awards try 2 put them all during personal INtroduction.

The interviewers are very co-operative and highly friendly (so confidence plays vital role)

Make a note that Technical round is the main one.I think there wont be any elimination at HR level unless luck unfavours us.

Added Experience is Definite Added Advantage.