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Hai Friends

I attended the test in HP on aug10th and i got selected in HP. Since many people r asking for about the 2nd round of HP,I am giving the full details what I faced in the interview.

In the 2nd round,Hp employees (2 or 3) will be interviewing us.The Q asked will vary form person to person.I am sending the Q I faced in my interview.

I got a comitee of 3 members, in which each guy is specialist in one language. They asked abt my latest projects first. They concentrated less on my academic proj. So plz prepare well abt the latest proj u did.

And then they asked fully in C,C++ like what is the diff b/w const char * and char const *. What is friend fns, virtual destructors, virtual constructors, How will the compiler intrepret when a virtual class is declared and other basic stuff like calloc,malloc.

In java what is the default exception, Is there any priority for the exceptions, finally, heap concepts etc.

They havent asked any Q in N/wing and OS.

This is the stuff which i faced in my interview. Iam agian telling u..This varies from person to person.

But any way all the best for all u guys who got selected for the next round.Its very easy.Dont be in a hurry.Take ur own time. Another advice,If u don\'t know the answer for any Q they asked,be frank. Dont try to bluff it becoz the next Q will depend upon the Q u answer previously.