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Hewlett Packard
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Hi Friends

here are the HP interview questions asked to me
but it depends on who takes ur interview
1] tell @ urself
2]ur fav. prog. language
3]write string compare program in C (optimize it)
4]what is DML in oracle.
5]what is RDBMS? howz it different from DBMS?
4]What is abstraction? is it only in OOP or in C too? can we say printf func. in stdio.h is an abstraction?
5]how will u write a prog to perpare a report based on sorting files on date. i.e u have say 10 files and u have to sort them n make a report of them date of creation/ size - wize.
6]a question of java prog. where class was subclass of String and few output functions were there.
7]few questions on output in C related to pointers (easy)
8]Normalization? functional dependency vs. transitive dependency?
9]Unix - some easy ones.
2nd round
u know what is a test plan? is testing important? how will u estimate time taken for testing in product dev. life cycle? given an estimation problem?
kinds of testing? what testing a developer has to do ...order of different kind of testing..
which is imp testing or development from risk point of view and from personal point of view. what id more imp. work or money?

3rd round

tell something about urself? what do u know @ HP? why looking for a change?

if u have done some cerification/course then why? which are the good companies acc. to u and why?

why join HP? and then

u will be offered the job.