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Honeywell Interview Experience - August 2019, Bengaluru
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We had this Honeywell exam on Wheebox platform and its all basics from 3 years of study and basic aptitude is asked.

Thank god this is the first exam which I passed the first round.

We got results by next day evening and we had TR and HR.


1st they asked me What are you passionate about?

2nd they asked me a network theory question, which has a dependent source circuit and they asked me to solve that, I told them idk and said them to ask my core questions.

Then they asked me my core Instrumentation questions:

Instrumentation amplifier diagram and formula and then an explanation of the circuit.

Projects in *depth*.

Resume details.

My skills helped me a lot like CLAD certification.


Project explanation.
Strength and weakness
Why Honeywell
What\'s the best part of Honeywell?
Why should we hire you?

At last any questions?

Thank God I got selected at last.

Thanks to IndiaBix which helped me a lot and the aptitude in it helped me in understanding various topics.