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Hexaware (MCA, BE[extc & comps]) - Mumbai, December 30th, 2014 & January 9th, 2015
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Amruta Joshi
Hi everyone,

So this will be a detailed experience of my Hexaware Pool campus interview process.

-----Day 1-----.

Date: 30th December, 2014.
Venue: Terna College, Nerul.

Yes, it was conducted a day before new year eve and therefore very few students could make it as most of them were out of town. From 5 colleges only 95 students were present. It started around at 10. 30 am. We all had gathered in a classroom and HR from Hexaware gave a brief intro about Hexaware, terms and conditions of joining and told us about the rounds.

1. Aptitude[written] & Essay writing.
Essay writing: 20 mins.

We were given a A4 size paper and told to write an essay of our own choice. So prepare one solid topic. Mine was Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Campaign). Your vocabulary, grammar is what they are looking for.

Aptitude Test:60 mins.
All basics from C, C++, Java.

English comprehension.

Maths and Logic from R. S. Agrawal (Some were basic questions. Some were the combination of 2-3 topics. So make your basic very clear).

2. Group Discussion:

After one and half hour, result was declared. They directly called the names of selected students and made 5 groups for GD. 10-13 were there in 1 group. So around 60 made it to the second round.

Again we were told to choose the topic. And you get 15 mins to think if your group is 1st.

Some Tips:

1. Talk with confidence. Lots of confidence.
2. Do not repeat the point that already has been told.
3. Do not create a fish market. Whole group might get eliminated.
4. Let others speak too i.e. be a good listener.
5. Do not wait for your turn to come.
6. Try not to be aggressive.
7. Be ready with a precise and brief conclusion in case you are asked at the end.
8. The one who starts the GD will not always get extra points so don\'t fight over that. (in our group, that girl got eliminated).

In our case, after 7-8 minutes, the HR asked those who did not get a chance to speak. And among them, those who concluded very well, got selected. But you might not get lucky every time and get a chance at the end. So speak during the GD.

After every GD, on the spot HR told the names of the students who got selected. From other groups 3-4 got selected. From our group 6 got selected. Total 26 students were selected.

3. Technical Written Test:

We were given a paper. It had 3 sections. We had to solve one question each from 1st and 2nd section. 3rd section had 3 sub-sections and we were asked to solve 1 from each. You can use any programming language and different language for different questions.

Different papers were given to comps and extc students. Comps and MCA had the same paper. I am not aware about what was asked to extc students.

Therefore I am giving here those question which were asked to MCA and comps students.

Section A:

Q1. Print the pattern:


Q2. Write odd numbers between 1-99. Reverse order.

Q3. Print stars:

* * * * * * * for odds (so first line will be for odds).
* * * * * * for evens (second line will be for evens. Note the spacing pattern).

And the range was again 1-99.

Section B:

1. Write a program to insert a data into a file where data is separated using a pipe |.
2. Write a program to fetch the data from the database and print it.

Section C:

It consisted of SQL queries. Student table and department table. I don\'t remember all queries. But they were based on basic SQL functions and joins.

1. Insert a row into student table.
2. Give average marks.
3. Give max marks from every department.
4. List of all students who are from computer department.

We were told that result will be mailed to us via our TPO. None were eliminated. All 26 were asked to appear for the technical round.

-----Day 2-----

Date: January 9th, 2015.
Venue: Hexaware office, Mahape.

Round 4: Technical interview.

Well, it went different for all. Mine took only 15 minutes. So I am going to sum up all the questions those were asked to me and my friends.

1. Tell me about yourself. He asked some questions about what I told him regarding my hobbies.
2. Your favorite subjects? I said Cpp and JAVA?
3. What is the difference between these two?
4. What is polymorphism?
5. What is black box testing?
6. What is a spiral model.
7. What is a waterfall model?
8. Details about your project. So in case you haven\'t prepared your own project, start studying it. And they will ask anything about it. Absolutely anything.
9. What is scheduling?
10. Just prepare about all the subject you have in the current semester.
11. Any questions for me?

The interviewer had our resume and the written test paper with him. He also asked questions about programs we have written.

Round 5: HR.

They eliminated many students from technical round. And rest were asked to wait for the HR round. If you clear technical round that does not mean you have got the job.

Around 4-5 got rejected after HR round.

Some tips for HR interview:

1. Whatever you have written in your resume, you should know EVERYTHING about it. Especially about your hobbies. If you say your inspiration is M. K. Gandhi, you should know everything about M. K. Gandhi.

2. Answer every question with confidence.

3. All he was asking about what you answered in the previous questions. So be careful with the words you choose.

4. He wants to know your point of view, your attitude. He just makes sure if you will be able to face and deal with the clients confidently or not.

Those who were from the previous batch were told that the final HR round result will be mailed via TPO. But we were told the result on the spot by the HR. Only 10 got selected at the end.

Hope it helps :).
Bestest of luck :).