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Hexaware Campus Interview - Mumbai, February 5, 2012.
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Hi guys,

HexaWare had come for pool campus placements on 5th of February 2012.

1: Aptitude Test
2: Group Discussion
3: Technical Interview
4: HR Interview

1 ::

Firstly the aptitutde test was different for EXTC and Computer students,me being and extc student the apti had all the questions similler to one asked in gate exam.

They were purely on communication.The apti also had genral aptitude questions but maximum were on probability.they had sectional cutoff.Few basics of C and C++ were also asked for the extc all we had to attempt 75 questions in 1hour.

Those who cleared this round went for the group discussion.

2 ::

In group discussion we were allowed to select our own topic. Here the person who speaks most relevant points were selected. after GD we were also told to write an essay on topic of our choice the people who were selected in this round were called in their office where the further selection procedure took place.

3 ::

In technical interview extc guys were asked questions on basics of electronics and basics of oops and few programs like PRIME NOS.,PALINDROME and other basic programs. Extc people brush up your basic electronics knowledge.And for comps guys their technical lasted for about 20mins and they were asked questions on RDBMS,JAVA C,C++and all what they had throughout their curriculum.

4 ::

Those who cleared technical interview were immediately called for HR was just a formality and asked very few basic questions like INTRODUCE YOUR SELF THEN WHY IT etc...But those who cleared technical from our college all were selected .

From our coll 180 people sat foe apti around 90 cleared the apti.From 90 around 50% were selected for interviews and then on 15-20 people were selected.