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Hi Friends

I am Vipendra Gupta from Truba Institute of Engineering & Information Technology, Bhopal. Hexaware visited our college for Campus recruitment on 4th February, 2010. It was a close campus drive and only Computer Science & IT students were eligible. In this the students of Truba Group were eligible. There were around 320 students who took part and finally 9 students were selected and I was one of them.

There were basically 4 rounds:
1. Written Test
2. Group Discusion
3. HR interview
4. Technical interview (which was held in Mumbai)

1. Written Test
In written test there were questions only from C and C++. there were 55 questions which have to be completed in 1 hour. The questions were very easy. There were questions regarding what will be the output, whether there will be error and so on. In short if you have studied "Let us C by Y. Kanetkar" and "OOOPS by E. Balgurusamy" it is very easy to clear the written exam.
Out of 320 students around 50 students were selected in written test

2. Group discussion
In Group discussions there were 10 students in a group. Our GD topic was India vs China. Guys donot speak too much or very less in GD. They rejected the students who spoke too much or too less. don\'t make fish market otherwise they will eliminate the complete group.
If you want to clear GD be discipline and don\'t be aggrassive and also put some points to prove your presence.
Out of 50 students 30 students cleared the GD round

3. HR Interview
In HR interview he asked me to introduce myself and instead of HR question he started asking me technical questions. he also asked about my family. He asked questions from my favorites subjects. The questions were very easy for eg: difference between C and C++. Configuration of your system and so on.
Out of 30 students 17 students cleared the HR Round.

4. Technical Interview
The technical round was held in Hexaware Headquarters, Mumbai. Our technical interview was on 23rd March. Mine technical interview was of 1 hour. The first question was introduce yourself then they asked me questions regarding my major projects, major training, DBMS queries, difference between DBMS & RDBMS, my hobbies. what do you know about Hexaware, why should we select you and many such questions. They also gave me some conditions and puzzles.

In short if you are confident and you have done your project by your own plus you have sound knowledge of your subject you are selected. Please write only those things in your resume of which you are confident.
Total out of 17 students 9 students were selected and I was one of them.

Wish you all the best.

Author : Vipendra Gupta