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Wipro & HCL Interview Experience - 24.06.2021
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Hi friends,

I would like to share my interview experience of Wipro and HCL. I am very thankful to IndiaBix from which I have got to know about the interview processes and experiences. While I was reading IndiaBix experiences during my college days I thought when I will be place at company and when I will write my own experience.

Finally the day came, here I am sharing my own experience.

Wipro & HCL

* Written test :-

     --> It consisting of Quants, Reasoning, Verbal ,programming questions and essay. I have given the Mcq\'s well and done 2 coding test cases passed. At last a general topic essay.
     --> HCL written test consists of verbal, technical mcq,one coding and one SQL query.  

* TR round :-

     -->  I got a mail that I shortlisted for further rounds and I called for TR.She asked me basics concepts in oops and C.Some general questions like favourite subject , what will you do in your free times, toughest subject and how you overcame ,how will you clear your doubts in subject. Finally she said "Im done ,results will be mailed". After a week I got a mail for HR round.

    --> In HCL TR round, all questions were asked only from my resume.The pannel consists of 2 members both questioned me.They asked me a logic for a code.Questions were from most of the domain oops, C, data structure, blockchain(my project domain). They compliment me for answers and definitions given by me.Next day I called for HR round.
* HR round :-

    -->In HR round he asked to introduce myself ,about project,relocation .My HR round got over.

After few days I received offer from both Wipro and HCL but Wipro is my first success the most memorable day and happiest moment that I shared with my family and friends.

I have got rejected in 6 companies during the final year  campus recruitment drives .And I completely lost my confidence and hope but my friends supported,motivated me. I got my confidence back, prepared myself improved the things that I did wrong in before interviews. Finally I did it.

Never lose your hope. Be strong in your preparations.Basic knowledge of all the subjects is enough.

Learn from your mistakes in interviews. Be confident enough to face anything.

That\'s all about my interviews with Wipro and HCL.
All the best to you all....!!!