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HCL(ISD) Interview Experience - Chennai 21/03/2016
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It was a referral drive in Chennai at Velammal College of Engineering around 1550 people were present for the interview.

There were 5 rounds:

1. English Grammar Test.
2. JAM.
3. Tech HR.
4. HR.
5. CoCubes test.

- 1st exam was simple to crack 20 questions in 10 min on grammar.

- 2nd round they asked everyone a simple question "Tell me about Your Self". They wanted to test our communication skills.

- 3rd the HR was very friendly he took around 30 min to complete the process. Be confident and answer them frankly to their questions sure you will be selected.

4th HR, just they were saying about the package and location and all stuff.

5th CoCubes, it was a bit tough you can find out sample ques in google.

I got the result within a week positively.