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HCL Interview Experience - Chennai, February 22, 2016
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Hi Guys,

My suggestion is that prepare previous papers for 2 days before the interview. I went to Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology for interview. The position they mentioned is INFRA. So, we have to face interview fully on our communication skills.

I faced written test on paper for 20 marks they allotted 10 mins time to complete the test. The test was easy based on prepositions. 20 questions are MCQ. Time is sufficient for answering.

Second is based on BUSINESS COMMUNICATION SKILLS they observed our sentence formation, grammar, and our facial expression. Don\'t be in overconfidence. 

Third round is TECHNICAL, which was easy to answer because they asked only to check our confidence levels.

Fourth round is HR, purely based on our English. Don\'t loose your confidence. Try to attend more interviews. Luck favours somewhere. 

They will take very few members for that position. So don\'t worry if you lost your interview.