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HCL Interview Questions - Bangalore, March 25, 2015
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Murali Reddy
HCL -Automation testing and Manual testing.

Automation Testing.

1. Write a program to print your name in Java?

2. In the above program what does public static void main signify?

3. Write a program to add elements to a list?

4. What datatype can be added to a List?

5. How we can specify datatype of specific type in List?

6. Write a program to iterate through a List?

7. What is the difference between List and Map?

9. In Selenium, what is WebDriver - a class or interface?

10. Why we can\'t create instance of WebDriver directly?

11. What is the difference between findElement and findElements? Explain scenario when it is used?

12. Do you know to create a Framework for test execution ?

13. What is the version of Selenium used?

14. In Selenium write code to access FirefoxDriver?

Manual Testing.

1. What is the difference between Whitebox and Blackbox testing?

2. What is Agile Methodology? What is Scrum,Sprint?Have you used it?

3. Who will be involved in Agile testing meeting?

4. What is DSR ,WSR?(status reports)

5. Have you done monthly Test plan?

6. Do you know Web testing?

7. Write a program to print to select all columns from Employees table and Departments table where Department name is "Testing"

8. How many years you have in Manual testing,Automation testing?

9. Have you done testing for Redbus application?

10. Write out some positive and negative scenarios to test "Add Friend" feature in Facebook?

11. What is the test design you have used to write test cases?

12. Imagine you are given a Bank Account Login Page. (userid,password,account no, Submit button). List out two positive scenarios to test it?