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HCL Technologies Interview Experience - HYDERABAD, NOVEMBER 6, 2014
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Hi all.

I attended HCL interview off campus conducted by AMCAT.
On november 4th I appeared for written test where they conducted AMCAT exam as qualifying examination.

In that there are simple questions regarding aptitude, logical reasoning, C, basic english questions.
The paper is similar to regular AMCAT paper.

On the same day I got the results and they provided another hall ticket for appearing further rounds on 6th november.
First technical round after that hr round.

In technical round:

The interviewers are very frank they will ask about your favourite language i.e. either c or java or sql. Depending on your priority they will ask questions for me.

I preferred JAVA and C language.

They asked questions like:

1. Basic difference between c and java?
2. Oops concepts.
3. Inheritance programs.
4. Different types of statements in c language and explain them with examples?


Answer confidently without hesitation.
Then for all the selected students from technical round are sent for HR round.
In my view if you qualify for technical round. Then HR round is just formality.

In HR round:

They invited 10 members at a time.
And they conducted gd and they said to select a topic and continue discussion.

At Least 2 points per each person.
After that they said company rules and regulations.

Thats it.

RESULT: got selected.

Just a small suggestion:
Everyone will get the job just the day differs.
And you won\'t know which day is yours.