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HCL Technologies Interview Experience - Chennai, Feb 16th 2015
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Mohammed Rasheed N

HCL Technologies interview procedure consists of 3 rounds.

1. Online Test.
2. Technical interview.
3. Hr interview.

1) Online test will be conducted by Aspiring Minds (i.e AMCAT), you will be having 4 modules.
I. Quantitative aptitude:

Go through topics such as Profit & Loss, HCF & LCM, Numbers, Partnership, Probability, Time Speed & Distance, Decimal fractions, Permutation and Combination, Logarithms and Time & Work.

II. Verbal section:

Synonyms & Antonyms, Comprehension (2), Fill in, Logical sequence of sentences, Spotting the errors.

III. Analytical section:

Blood relation, Eligibility test, Coding and Decoding, Theme deduction, Probability, Logical sequence of words, Seating arrangements, Data sufficiency, Odd man series out.

IV. Technical section:

You need to prepare basics from C, C++ and data structures, if you are good at these 3 subjects then you will not find it difficult.
The above mentioned topics for all the 4 sections is alone sufficient to clear the aptitude round. You can easily solve questions from Quans, Analytical and Technical section but more preparation is needed for verbal part and don\'t forget that there is sectional cut off for each section.

The next day I got my results, I cleared my aptitude round & I was asked to report to the same venue. Out of 5300, only 1200 cleared the online test.

2) Technical Round:

HR: Tell me about Yourself?
Me: Told.

HR: What kind of technology you can work for?
Me: Said, I can work on any technology no matter how difficult it is.

HR: Have you faced any problems successfully?
Me: Said, Facing my semester exams itself a problem for me, Since I always use to study    
at last day of my exam.

HR: Everybody use to study at last day, every one can do that.
Me: Said, Yes, everyone can do that but nobody can be topper as I secured 1st mark in    the subject called Data communication & Computer networks. Do you think that being a last minute learner can secure 1st mark in university theory examination.

HR: No, You would have mugged up.
Me: I refuse it. I don\'t use to mug up you can ask any question from this subject.

HR: Ok, What are the types of OSI layers and explain them.
Me: Explained it.

HR: Explain about your project?
Me: Explained it perfectly.

HR: What is heap sort?
Me: Said.

HR: Can you write the Logic of heap sort?
Me: Wrote it, but made a small mistake he couldn\'t find it.

HR: Ok Rasheed, Am done with it. Do you want to ask any question.
Me: Yes sir, I have few questions.

HR: Yes, Go ahead.
Me: Tell me about yourself?

HR: Told.
Me: Tell me about Your career path?

HR: Told.
Me: Fine Sir.

HR: Ok, You can wait outside results will be declared soon.
Me: Ok Shooked hands & said nice to meet to you and left.

After waiting for few minutes, results were declared and I cleared the technical round.

3) HR interview:

HR: Tell me about yourself?
Me: Told.

HR: Can you work in 24x7 Shifts?
Me: Answered positively.

HR: Are You ok with the service agreement?
Me: Answered positively.

HR: Are You ready to relocate?
Me: Answered positively. He gave me a paper and asked me to sign, I did it.

HR: Diff b/w hard work and smart work?
Me: Said.

HR: Your X th, XII th and degree marks are low?
Me: Said, I believe in knowledge and not in scores.

HR: Ok rasheed, you can leave the day now, you will get the results within 2 weeks.
Me: Shooked hands & said thank you so much, will meet you soon at HCL & left.

After 10 days, I received mail from HCL with login credentials. Out of 800, nearly 115 cleared the final HR round, And I was one among them. By god\'s grace I was selected.

Don\'t lose your hope and keep on trying until you deserve the right job. All the best...!!!!