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HCL Interview Experience - Chennai, January 29, 2015
Posted by :
Arup Bose
Dear Friends,

I am Arup Bose here would like to share my experience.
On 29 of january there was off campus drive in SA Engineering college Chennai.
I got a mail of admit card through aspiring minds as I registered in that.

HCL pattern consist of:

1. Technical.
2. Quantitative aptitude.
3. Verbal.
4. Logical Reasoning.

Technical questions were from \'C\' and Data Structures. That to basic.
If you have a basic knowledge about the subject just brush it up surely. This section will be in your side. Question in the form of Pseudo codes were there.

Approximately 25 minutes is allotted for technical section.

Moving towards Quant part after technical it will automatically switch to Another section consequently.

Quant is the easiest part questions will include from Profit and loss, Percentage, Probability, P & C, Ages, HCF & LCM.

These are the major portion with which you can surely get through this section.
Time management is the main factor.
16 question will be asked and 16 min will be allotted.

Make sure that at least 10 question should be right than do the guess work. (by Luck it works).
Verbal will be the filtering section as per my view.

Passage will be long. Should have patience and do Smart work. Don\'t go to read the entire paragraph. Rest all questions will be in the form of fill in the blanks.

From adjective, Prepositions, Adverb. Brush up with the basic vocabulary.

Logical reasoning will be a cakewalk for every one.

Luckily in my Paper I got 90% questions from alphabetical series.
Initially I wrote all the alphabets with their sequence numbers and that help me out.
To solve most of the questions in less time.

On the same day by 11 pm I got a mail regarding Interview as I cleared the written.

Very next day on 30 January I reached the venue.

After registration there was PPT by the HR of HCL.
Till here everything was absolutely fine.

Than HR asked how many are from NON CS/IT Background.

And I am from Electronics. So I raised my hand.

They told non CS/IT persons to move to first floor and than we got a shock that electronics guys are suppose to write another exam.

Moment I got paper in my hand I was out of the world. (PURE Electronics High GATE level questions).

I quit as I already learned java to enter into software and now you are asking for core electronics. I hand over my paper with in an hour. Madam said you still have 1 hour left.

I went out from the campus and deny to return. As I know I am not going to clear the written. But my friends forced me to hear the result.

Result announced as expected I didn\'t cleared.

No option left Plan to return back.

But than it was told that those who have cleared Electronics paper will get interviewed for HCL Infosystem and others for HCL Technologies.

Oh MY GOD. As though someone is playing with me.

Immediately I got a call for interview.

I went for Technical interview.

Madam: Hello Arup how are you?
Me: Fine madam.

Madam : How was your day?
Me: (Totally confused) awesome mam.

Madam : Are you comfortable with java?
Me: Yes mam.

Madam: Write a program to compare two string.
Me: I did.

Madam: Can you compare date?
Me: Wrote a program.

From my resume she asked me questions from the subjects I mentioned.
I told about database connectivity. And. Designing of web pages by JSF.

Than she wrote very strong in JAVA and told me "You are selected wait for HR".
Anything you want to ask?

Me: Thank you mam this is my first interview and you make me feel so relaxed.

And asked about future prospects in HCL.

She laugh and told Arup this is your first interview you should have told me earlier. I shouldn\'t have selected you.
Ok fine. Now you wait.

I went out.

Within 2 minutes I got call for HR.

She asked me about my self and family background.
Strength and weakness.

And basic questions agree to work in shifts or not.
Location problem.

At last she said with in two days you will get confirmation from the recruiting team.
Finally the day ends but it ends so beautifully I didn\'t expected this to happen.

Hope you all guys will understand.
But still, till the day you got offer letter you can\'t say anything as My friend did well in HR but didn\'t get confirmation.

With a positive expectation I came back to my state Chhattisgarh.
Its already 4 feb over I didn\'t get any mail.

Again tensed. Planning to move bangalore as an alternative.

6 Feb morning woke up and check my cell.
Got a mail.


Finally got confirmation. And now waiting to get joining.
Friends Don\'t Loose hope is the Moral of the story. I also got rejected in many campus. Couldn\'t clear written.

Have faith and go ahead surely you will get.
Hope to see you in HCL.