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HCL Interview Experience - Delhi NCR, Feb 19, 2015
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Amit Utkarsh
The first round was evaluated through AMCAT. Quant and Logical reasoning was quite easy and the questions can be prepared from IndiaBix site itself. Computer programming was a little tricky (not tough). You must be knowing the algorithms that how the flow of program is working. Also you must focus on types of error and data structures basics, then you will get through. English was also easy the main thing was time management because you will get three passages which will kill a lot of time and in AMCAT you have to solve one question at a time and once you skip it , it won\'t come back. So keep that in mind. And be cool its not that tough.

I got selected in first round and was called for TR, the next day.

The TR round happened for half an hour.

The TR interviewer asked me mostly about my project. I had prepared it well so I got through the questions related to the project. So prepare every detail of your project from the IC number to the price of every component. And measure every word before you say.

Then he asked me that I was from ECE, so why was I applying for Software Developer. I answered that I have always loved softwares and I think I have more hunger than the people in CS I have observed (it was filmy).

I scored 92% in 10th and 68% in 12th. He asked me why this dip in marks. I said some family problems that I feel uncomfortable to talk about. (I just didn\'t study no truth in that)

Further he asked me some basic questions about Data Structures and asked me that both of our projects that you have done are from embedded but in core CS, you might have to work on Java and Android are you familiar. I said yes. Java has been taught to me school as I was from ICSE Board and I said that I am working on Android App development as my six month training. Then he asked me to explain the basics of Android development which I did with all my ease.

Then he said thanks Amit, I am done with you and I am forwarding you to the HR round. I was very happy.

As I was waiting for the HR round to happen, one of the volunteers came with my sheet which the TR interviewer forwarded. I saw "good knowledge" written over it. K was filled with confidence.

In HR round the interviewer asked about my project as a product, that what would be its life cycle in the market. I explained well because I guess my communication Skills are good. My introduction also took his attention because I mentioned that I manage a personal blog.

He also asked about relocation and how would I handle pressure. He was a cheerful person. I never felt being dominated. So I was very good. But I really made the difference when he asked me if I had a question. I said yes sir in the presentation I saw that all the slideshow had foreigner faces. Not even one single indian when HCL is indian company. He was very happy that I observed the presentation so keenly and apologized and ensured me that he will make mends in the slideshow himself.

And so that ended that way.

I was informed the next day that I got selected.

All the best guys.