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HCL Technologies Interview Experience - Chennai, Feb 14, 2015
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Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I would like to thank each and everyone of the fellow seniors and friends for doing a great help to the aspiring students\' community by posting their experiences with the selection processes. I am proud to admit that I have been one of the beneficiaries so far. I could not feel better while my experience helps at-least one person if not fully at least partially.

I had applied to HCL through Amcat sometime in Jan-2015 and I got the call letter for online test in Feb. My venue was Vel Tech University, Pallavaram and on 14th Feb.

As a whole, It was a three stage selection process viz,

1. Online Test.
2. Technical Interview.
3. HR Interview.

Online Test:
It was an AMCAT based one comprising of four sections viz.

Section 1. Quantitative Aptitude.
Its a 16 min section with 16 questions. Below are the topics that are covered in this section,

* Permutations and Combinations.
* Percentage.
* Simple Interest.
* Speed, Distance and Time.
* Time and Work.
* Divisibility.
* Profit and Loss.

Section 2. Verbal.
Its a 16 min section with 18 questions. Below are the topics that are covered in this section,

* 2 Comprehension - relatively larger passages.
* Sentence Correction.
* Rearrange the jumbled sentences.
* Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.
* One odd-man out question.
* Synonyms and Antonyms.

Section 3. Logical Reasoning.
Its a 14 mins section with 14 questions.

* Coding/Decoding(Alphabetical)
* Directions Sense Test
* Relationships
* Critical Reasoning
* Statement and Conclusions

Section 4. Computer.
Its a 16 mins section with 12 questions.

* Data Structure - More questions in Sorting
* Output of Programs(C and C++)

Having a good understanding of the basics and a moderate practice of Indiabix/RS Agarwal question should comfortably sail you through this stage. Time management is quite an important aspect to keep a tab on.

On 15th of Feb, I got an Interview Call Letter email scheduled on 16th in the same venue.

Technical Interview:

Honestly I was a bit nervous initially but to my surprise, it turned to be a pleasant experience due to the accommodating and courteous volunteers. A big hearty thanks to them!

Interviewer: Hi (with smile).
Me: Hello sir. Good afternoon.

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself
Me: Told clearly with confidence.

Interviewer: Interrupted and asked why you need to enter into I.T.
Me: Explained Well.

Interviewer: what are the programming languages you had in Engineering?
Me: I told. C, C++, etc.

Interviewer: What\'s your area of interest?
Me: I told C programming and SQL.

Interviewer: How programming languages are used in the areas such as Bank, Hospital, Library, School, etc?
Me: I explained a banking example in C programming language.

Interviewer: Write a program for what you explained.
Me: I wrote banking program using Structures. But he cut me short while doing and continued with his questions.

Interviewer: Do you think you are a fast learner?
Me: Yes. You know I am an Engineering Student, who used to prepare for exams only by the previous night of the exam. With which I have managed to secure 70+ marks. Blah blah blah......

Interviewer: He laughed. He seemed quite impressed with my answer.
Me: That gave me more confidence for clearing technical.

Interviewer: He started to fill up form and told me, I am selecting you for HR. Go to ground floor and wait HR round.
Me: Thank you sir.

HR Interview:
Though it is not a grueling round, there were rejections also especially based on communication.

She asked the basic HR Questions like:

Tell me about yourself.
Why IT?
Are you fine with Terms and conditions of HCL?

Friends, please be informed that UNLESS YOU SAY OK FOR ALL OF THE CONDITIONS YOU WILL NOT BE SELECTED. Terms are ready to relocate, ready to work in night shift and of course, the service agreement of 18 months.

I said yes with confidence.

She asked me to spend a few minutes going through the terms before signing on the dotted line.
And I departed greeting her.

Keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for the D-Day.