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HCL Technologies Interview Experience - JIIT, Noida, 12 Feb 2015
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Hi Everyone.

I am from JIIT doing ECE. I had a 2 days campus drive of HCL technologies at JIIT, Noida on 12 and 13 Feb 2015.
Eligibility was 60% throughout(10th 12th B-Tech).

Hope this experience will help you.

We had 3 rounds:

1. Written Test(AMCAT).
2. Technical Interview.
3. HR Interview.

12 Feb:

1. Written Test:

About 200 people attended the written test. It was basically AMCAT conducted by Aspiring minds. It had following sections.

1. Computer Science(basic programming, DS, output of program).
2. Aptitude(TDS, time work, numbers, profit loss, permutation combination, average).
3. English(2 passages, synonym, antonyms, grammar errors, paragraph order).
4. Logical(blood relation, odd man out, directions).

The paper is quite easy. R.S Aggarwal is quite enough for this paper.

My advice is to study this on internet. Just type "amcat material" on google and you will find lots of material on amcat.

About 100 were selected from this test. Luckily I was one of them.

13 Feb:

In the morning there was a ppt by HCL. It is imp to study and understand the ppt as it might help in your interviews.

As my name starts with \'A\', I was one of the first to be called for interview.
There were 7 panels and my interviewer was a guy.

Interviewer: Please take a seat.
Me: Sat and handed him my cv.

He read my cv for 5min then started asking me questions.

Interviewer: Tell me about my projects
Me: Told for about 15 min nonstop. I could see that he liked me projects. He stopped me in the middle of my 2nd project.

Interviewer: OK. Now tell me about your training.
Me: I did my training in Android Development. Told him everything.

Interviewer: (Again stopped me)Ok. How much do you know about pointers(I wrote C, C++ and Java in my cv).
Me: I told him I was not too strong in pointers. But he stilled asked me questions on pointers.

Interviewer: What are pointers?
Me: Told.

Interviewer: How can you represent an array p[10] in form of pointers.
Me: Told.

Then he asked about 4 more questions on pointers. I was unable to answer any of them. This made me very nervous but I still kept my smile. Its always imp to keep your smile and at-least try to answer the question.

Interviewer: You have to work on your pointers. Ok tell me about linked list.
Me: Explained with examples.

Interviewer: Ok here is a puzzle. there are 8 balls of same weight out of which 1 has larger weight. If you are given a weighing scale, in how many turns you can find the larger ball.
Me: I did not prepared for puzzles so it took me time before I said in 3 turns using divide and conquer.

Interviewer: There is a better way. Try to find it.
Me: I thought for a long time but was unable to answer. He then explained and told me this can be done in 2 turns.

I clearly saw that my interview was not going well and for a moment I thought I might not clear this round.

Interviewer: Well you need to improve your technical skills but your resume and communication skills are great.
Me: Thank you Sir.

Interviewer: Ok. I am sending you to the next round but you have to work hard on programming now.
Me: Ok. Thank you sir.(Shook his hands).

So its not only imp to have good technical knowledge but also to have good communication skills. I was nervous before the interview but I kept my smile and kept answering any ques I can.

Remember they only ask question on whatever you wrote in your cv, so read your resume and prepare as per that. Also projects are a must.

About 55 people were selected in this round.

After 2 hr, HR interview begun. It was kind of a discussion round with 10 people sitting around a table. The HR was also a guy.

Before me, there were 2 more persons. To them he asked just there introduction then asked them to leave.

My turn:

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself?
Me: Told...

Interviewer: Why should we hire you.
Me: Told my strengths and skills.

Interviewer: Why do you want to join HCL?
Me: This question was imp. I advice you all to study there ppt very well so as to get some points for this question.

Interviewer: Ok. Now tell me about your 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses.
Me: I was surprised by the weakness part. I had learned before to only remember 2 weakness as too many is not good to tell.
I told him my 5 strengths. Then I told him 3 weakness but I was unable to answer any more.

Interviewer: Ok fine. You may leave for the day.
Me: Ok. Thank you sir.

This round is basically to test your comm. skills as well as how well you speak in a group. Just keep your cool and answer the ques.

A couple of days later I got a mail saying I was selected.

Total 35 people were selected.

I was so happy to finally get a job.

So guys just keep calm and work hard and you will also taste success.
Thank you for given me this chance to share my interview experience.