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HCL Interview Experience - Chennai, October 9 and 10, 2014.
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Hi all, I attended HCL Interview on 9th and 10th with the help of AMCAT.

First day : Online Test.

Around 1500 attended the test in Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology. They informed us that we will mail if we got shortlisted.

On that night I got a mail that I cleared first round, and tomorrow you have Technical and HR rounds and they gave me another admit card to attend it.

Second day : Technical Round.

Around 250 cleared first round and attended technical round.

My Technical Interview :

HR : How to find loop in a singly linked list?
Me : Wrote code and explained clearly.

HR : Reverse singly linked list?
Me : Wrote code and explained clearly.

HR : How to find whether a tree is full balanced or not?
Me : Told.

HR : How DFS traverse?
Me : Told.

HR : Explain about switches and routers.
Me : Told.

HR : C puzzle to write two separate print statements in a single if else.
Me : Confused, he gave me a hint, then finished it.

HR : Asked to copy a file to another directory in UNIX.
Me : I just laughed, and he find that I don\'t know answer. He too laughed and skipped    to next.

HR : Asked brief introduction about my project.
Me : Told.

HR : I mentioned C and Java. But he asked 2 questions from C++.
Me : I don\'t know sir. You can asked me from C and Java, I said.

He was impressed with my coding skills, and he took my mobile number personally. I dont know why. He told me to wait for HR.

My HR Interview :

HR : Hi, Mr. Sasikumar. Dont be tense at all he said.
Me : I greet him and I said Thank you sir.

HR : What is ur interests?
Me : I want to be a good programmer.

HR : You are a good programmer now itself, so you want to be good or best?
Me : I told him that I want to be best programmer.

HR : He asked me how you grade your communication skills out of 10?
Me : I said 6. Because, I am not good in communication skills and got rejected nearly around 10 companies because of my communication.

HR : He asked me why?
Me : I said, I studied Telugu Medium till 7th and I started talking english from my last semester and I will improve.

HR : Practise well, surely you can improve. And asked about relocation.
Me : I said, I am willing to relocate.

HR gets a signature from me. And wait for the Offer through Mail. And I got Offer after 2 days.

I was very confident that I clear this interview, because I am not tensed for my full interview. Actually if I attend any interview, I will afraid a lot. But for HCL Interview I was very calm and smile always. I managed my communication skills too. This is the first interview that i was calm and smile and confident too, and I cracked it.

Surely, you guys also crack all interview if you control yourself out of fear. Be Confident, Answer with smile always, If you don\'t know answer then don\'t hesitate to say that I dont know. Be frank with your interviewer. Surely your turn will come soon.

All the best.