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HCL Interview Experience - Hyderabad, Sept 3, 2014.
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Hi Guys,

This is Ganesh(CSE) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies I want share my HCL interview experience at Hyderabad Malla Reddy Engineering College(mrcet).

Through AMCAT I got the admit card to attend the Online test on Sept 2 there are nearly 1500 members attended the online test.

This Test consists of 4 section:

* Computer Programming.
* Aptitude.
* Analytical Reasoning.
* Verbal Section.

Computer Programming:

Searching, Sorting, Algorithms, Small Programs for debugging, OOPs, Stacks etc.
Concepts for the multiple choice question in this section.


It is very easy to solve.

Time and work.
Time and distance.
Ratio and proportions.
Simple and compound interests.
Problems on ages.

Analytical section:

Coding and Decoding.
Problems on relations.
Sequence and series.
And some reasoning questions.

R.S Agarwal is more than enough for Aptitude and Anaylitical.

Verbal Section:

Sentence correction.
Sentence Completion.
Passage based questions.

There 400 members shortlisted for TR Round.

After the exam on that day 8.40 pm they mailed me that I shortlisted for next round on 8.30 am on Sept 3 They verified the admit card and certificates.

9.00 am they gave presentation about HCL. After they called for TR interviews first 30 members based on the given id on Interview Admit Card They took interview for ECE and EEE Branch Students after a lot of waiting 12:00 pm I called for TR Round.

TR: Hi Ganesh.
Me: Hi Sir.

TR: Asked my Profile He checked and asked.
   Tell me About Your Self?
Me: Told, Highlight your talents, awards and academics, special attractiveness if you have.

TR: Tell me about You Final Year Project?
Me: Explained, My role in project highlighted.

TR: HTML Latest Version from the Resume.
Me: HTML5.

TR: Will you write a program for me how to print hello to olleh(nothing but String reversal)?
Me: I asked can I Use String Length Function or not?

TR: IT\'s your wish.
Me: Wrote without string length function.

TR: He gave another Program 0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1 to come aside like all the 0\'s to one side and all 1\'s to one side.
Me: Sir, I can use sorting Technic.

TR: Which sorting Technique?
Me: Any sorting technique and wrote program of bubble sort.

TR: Asked about CSS.
Me: Not told little bit confused.

TR: Asked some questions from DBMS.
Me: Told.

Be confident while answering the question, after 2 hours they announced the results of TR around 200 members are selected.

They sent us after 1 hour to hr.

HR interview is very Easy but there is also elimination They will check communication skills and confidence.

HR: Tell me about your self?
Me: Told

HR: Tell me about your family?
Me: Told

HR: Why do you want to join in HCL?
Me: Told, Remember the latest awards,about company and numbers too like revenue and ranks and listen the presentation they may questions from presentation.

HR: Carrier Objective.
Me: Told

HR: Hobbies.
Me: Told.

HR taken all the hr interview for 7 members at a time.

HR: You will get mails with in 2 days if you get selected.

My interview Happened on 3rd Sept but after a lot of days waiting 11th Sept I got Welcome to HCL mail to fill the profile and personal details.

Nearly 100-150 members are selected for HCL on this off campus.