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HCL Technologies Interview Experience - Chennai, August 21, 2014.
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Hai guys,

I received a mail from amcat for hcl off campus in valliyammai enginnering college. Amcat is conducting aptitude exams for most of the companies.

Procedure for the placement was :

3. HR.

On 21st of august I had online exam. There were four sections. Time is allocated for each sections and you can take 1 minute break between each section.

Four modules :

1. Technical.

This module consists of 25 questions. Duration is 35 minutes.

Questions form C, C++ and data structures asked here. Go through the basics you can answer this easily. Some of the questions are,

Which data type will use use for true/false condition?
Which loop will execute body before condition?
Which is not a data type?

And some program based questions.

2. Quants.

This module consists of 14 questions and duration 14 minutes.

Time is key in this sections. You have to manage your time to answer this module.

Important topics are,

Profit and loss,
Time and distance.
Simple interest.
Compound interest.
Go through R. S Agarwal and IndiaBix.

3. Logical.

This module consists of 16 questions and duration 16 minutes.

It was very easy. You can answer within the time.

Some topics are,

Blood relation,
Coding decoding.
Number series,

4. Verbal.

This module consists of 18 questions and duration of 18 minutes.

Some topic are,

Error correction.
And finally two big comprehensions.

After completing exam they said us to leave. I got my aptitude result on the same day evening through mail. They mentioned venue and documents to be carried but nothing about interview rounds.

On 22nd I had my tech and hr in same college.

Technical round :

Introduce yourself.
Asked about project.
Asked oops concepts.
Asked to write program in any oops concept (I wrote inheritance program).
Then asked question in Java.
Asked program in Java.
Then again he came to C.
Asked me to write swapping program.
Questions based on networking osi layers, topologies, dns.
Data structure questions.

And questions from my resume.(he asked me to tell about each single line which I wrote in the resume).

Thats it,

Then he told me to wait in the waiting hall.

Within few minutes they called me for hr round.

She was very friendly.

HR round:

Introduce yourself.
Tell me about HCL.
Asked the rank of HCL.
Ready to relocate.
Then she gave me a paper and asked me to put sign.

Thats it.

After two days I got my result on monday.

Guess what ? I got selected in HCL.

Guys don\'t give up. Try hard. Before getting selected in HCL I have attended around 20 interviews. Don\'t think only your failures try to learn from them. In the early stages I won\'t clear aptitude round itself then I started learning it. After that I cleared aptitude but failed in gd. Then I tried to get tips from others. After all my workouts I failed in hr rounds in syntel and infosys. What I m saying is learn from your failures then you\'ll succeed one day for sure. Every dog has its day. Your day is waiting. ! All the very best.