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HCL COMNET - BBD Lucknow - 9th Feb 2012
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Prakhar Porwal
Hello friends.

HCL COMNET has 5 rounds.

Below are all the rounds:

1st Round Grammar Test:

No need to bother or to prepare much for this round. It consists of 20 simple grammar questions. Time given to solve these questions is 10 min. An average English speaker can clear this round easily.

2nd Round Communication Round:

If you are an average speaker can clear it easily. Try to speak words clearly. You must be able to distinguish between sounds of the words like—measure, major, pleasure, pressure, personality etc.

Questions asked to me:

Ques. How is the politics in U.P. (your state) is going on/ something about govt. of your state?
Ans. I spoke not more than half sentence and said not interested in politics, so don\'t know much.

Ques. Talk about India for a minute.
Ans. Spoke whatever was in my mind but truth/reality.

Ques. Difference b/w hard work & smart work.
Ans. Explained with an example:
There were 10 chairs in front of me.
Said I can take these 10 chairs out of the room in 10 rounds & can also take out them out in 2 rounds taking 5 chairs at a time by keeping them one over other. 1st one is hard work 2nd is smart work.

3rd Round Technical Round:

(Networking is their need)

Ques. Your interests.
Ans. Be straight forward whatever u like or don\'t like. (Whether your don\'ts are their needs don\'t bother just say truth). Never try to fool your interviewer. But u can try to explain your views on their needs. Eg. If you have some practical knowledge about the field you were asked like networking (1st demand of HCL COMNET).

Ques. Difference b/w C &C++.
Ans. Told...

Ques. Exception in Java.
Ans. Told...

Ques. I don\'t know anything about .NET. How will u well explain .NET to me?
Ans. Told

4th Round HR Round:

Ques. About yourself.
Ans. Told...

Ques. What will HCL (Company Name) get if it hires u?
Ans. Told

Ques. What all qualities must ur boss should expect in u?
Ans. Told about 6-7 qualities.

Ques. There is a empty container with a ball inside. How can u take out the ball without touching container or ball?
Ans. After thinking for some time, said by pouring water into the container.

Ques. You filled water in container, bt y ball will float over water?
Ans. Because of buoyance force, explained Archimedes principle.

5th Round Aptitude Test (AMCAT):

Friends don\'t take it as simple. As this test is conducted through AMCAT and final selection depends on this round.

It consists of 75 questions to be solved in 95 minutes.

Ques asked are:

1. Quantitative --- 25 ques. in 25 min.
2. Comprehension --- 25 ques. in 35 min.
3. Reasoning --- 25 ques. in 35 min.

That\'s all & the results were announced. I was selected.

Good Luck to all!