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HAL Interview Experience - Ahmedabad Nov 14, 2013
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Roger Maclin
Hi guys.

I gave the online test for HAL (mechanical) which was scheduled on 14/11/2013 at abad.

It consisted of 160 questions (100 tech, 40 reasoning, 20 general awareness) and 150 min were allotted to the test.

The paper was tough but good and reasoning section was easy. General awareness was tough because history was asked and technical section was medium.

Please pay attention to technical part and do remember standard values like root 2, 3, 5, 7...etc.

Also values of sin10, sin20, sin40, . Etc apart from std values as calculators are not allowed and a lot of numericals are asked.

Main subjects are production, tom, ic engine, md, maths apart from syllabus of GATE.

General awareness:

1. When was battle of plassey fought. Answer 1757.

2. What amt did PM announce for Odisha tragedy. Answer 1000 cr.

3. Winner of man booker prize 2012.


Series, profit loss, probability, comprehension, similar words, opposite words. Etc.

Technical (mechanical):

Well I don\'t remember much but here is what I have in my mind.

Inversion of mechanism.

Arc welding.

Otto cycle, diesel cycle, brayton cycle.

Efficiency of diesel cycle is more than otto cycle when_____.

Numericals of production, ic engine, thin cylinders.

In maths matrices- if eqn given has no solution or infinite sol or one solution.

Direction of given temperature function at a point.

Variance in PERT.

Forecasting (imp).

All the best guys.

Get your basics clear and refer reference books.

You will crack it for sure.

God Bless.