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HAL - Management trainee GK questions - Hyderabad, November 27, 2012.
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Hi all I have attended HAL MT online exam held on 27th november 2013, Here are the GK question that are asked in the exam. Out of 20 I have remembered only 18 questions just have a glance. I didn\'t remember the options well I am providing correct answers as far as my knowledge.

1. How many Major Mountain Ranges in India ?
Ans: 8.

2. Uber cup, sudiman cup tournaments are related to.
Ans: Badminton.

3. Ophidiophobia means.
Ans: fear of snakes.

4. First fifa world cup won by.
Ans: France.

5. Zend Avesta is a holy book of which religion?
Ans: Zoroastrianism.

6. "my life" autobiography written by.
Ans: bill Clinton.

7. Who discovered oxygen ?
Ans: scheele and preistely.

8. River that passes through budapest.
Ans: Danube river.

9. Northern Lights-Technical name is.
Ans: Aurora borealis.

10. Dickens - magwitch related as.
Ans: abel magwitch is a fictional character from charles dickens novel of the great expectations.

11. Tallinn is a capital city of.
Ans: Estonia.

12. Romeo and Juliet related question.

13. Famous painting "sun flower" painted by.
Ans: vincet van gogh.

14. Which of these are associated with cricket stadium or ground.

Pavilion end.
Nursory end.
St. Johns road.

Ans: pavilion end.

15. "moby dick"- is a.
Ans: Novel written by herman melville.

16. "astrocyte cells" are.
Ans: Cells in the brain and spinal cord.

17. State emblem of India taken from -.
Ans: Sarnath lion capital.

18. "living history"- Auto biography written by.
Ans: Hillary rodham clinton.