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HAL Examination Paper Pattern
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PAPER : HAL Examination Paper Pattern

Candidates are required to bring any proof of their identity having their photograph viz Passport, Voters ID Card, Driving License, ID Card issued by the Academic Institution last attended etc., for verification, when they come for the Written Test. The Admit Card shall be signed by the Candidates in the presence of the Invigilator. Candidates should affix their passport size photograph on the Admit Card.
Candidates have to ensure that they return the Admit Card, OMR Answer Sheet and the Question Booklet to the Invigilator after the Written Test, failing which their candidature shall be cancelled. The Question Booklets are broadly classified into five Disciplines as indicated below:
1) Aeronautical
2) Mechanical and Production
3) Metallurgy
4) Electrical and Electronics
5) Computer Science

Each Question Booklet will have 160 Objective Type Questions, as indicated below:
General Awareness
General Engineering
Questions specific to the Total (15 Questions) (25 Questions) respective Disciplines (160 Questions) indicated above (120 Questions) 15 Marks 25 Marks 120 Marks 160 Marks
Notes :
1. The Question Booklet for Mechanical and Production Disciplines will be the same and candidates will have to answer questions for both Mechanical and Production Branches.

2. The Question Booklet for Electrical and Electronics Disciplines will be the same and candidates will have to answer questions for both Electrical and Electronics Branches.

There are no negative marks for incorrect answers.

Please use the blank pages provided at the end of the Question Booklet only for any rough work.
If any Candidate is found to be indulging in any kind of malpractice like copying, trying to talk to other candidates, exchanging information, carrying/passing on chits of paper or any other mode to communicate with others, his/her candidature shall be cancelled.

Mobile Phones, Pagers, Beepers, any kind of Audio Devices, Digital Diaries, Organisers etc., shall not be permitted inside the Examination Hall.

Candidates will be required to appear for the Written Test at their own expense and will have to make their own arrangements for boarding and lodging at the place of the Examination.

Further consideration of the candidature after the Written Test will be subject to:-

1. Candidates having passed the final Engineering Examination in the specified Branches of Engg. indicated in the Advertisement, from any recognised Institution/University, with 60% marks in the Aggregate of all Semesters for General/OBC and 50% Marks in the aggregate of all Semesters for SC/ST

2. Verification of Qualifications, Marks scored, Age, Caste (for SC/ST/OBC only), PWD (Person with Disability) /Ex-Servicemen etc.

Candidates must ensure that they are in possession of the following documents/items, when they report at the Examination Centre:

Admit Card (with Passport Size photograph duly affixed).
Proof of Identity having their photograph such as Passport, Voters ID Card, Driving License, ID
Card issued by the Academic Institution last attended etc., for verification by the Invigilator.
HB Pencils, Eraser, Pen and Calculator.

1. Use only HB Pencil to mark the Ovals in the Answer Sheet.

2. Use Ball Point Pen to fill the Boxes (ie for the Question Booklet No., Roll Number, Date of Birth and Signature.)

3. Indicate the Question Booklet Series and Question Booklet Serial Number in the space provided on the OMR Answer Sheet without fail.

4. Please mark the relevant Ovals against the columns like Series, Category, Quota and Main Branch of Engineering as applicable to you.

5. Mark your answer only in the appropriate space against the Number corresponding to the question you are answering. Darken the response for each question:
A B C D (ie., if the answer to the Question is option A , then it needs to be darkened )

6. Please ensure that the Ovals are completely darkened.

7. In case of any mistake while marking, please erase the mark completely and fill the correct Oval again. Do not leave stray marks/half filled Ovals on the Answer Sheet.

8. Rough work must not be done on the Answer Sheet. Use the blank pages given at the end of the Question Booklet for rough work