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1. A salesman marks an item 60% above the cost price & offers 2 successive discounts of 25% & 15% on the marked price. His profit is:

a. 15%  b 2%  c 7.5%  d. 10  e. none

2.Had it been sold at 55% loss, SP would have been Rs. 10.80. The C.P is;

a. Rs 26  b. 28  c. 36  d.24  e. none

3. If 18 men can build a wall 140 mtrs. In 42 days . In how many days can 15 men be able to construct a similar wall 100 mtrs . long??

a. 36  b. 60  c. 60   d. 33   e. none

4. Successive discounts of 15% & 20% on any goods amount to a total discount of :

a. 50 %  b. 35%  c. 34%  d.32 %  e. none

5. In a km race A beats B by 40 m or 7 secs. A\'s time (in secs) over the Source is:





E. none

7. A widow & a son are to receive Rs 20000 and Rs 10,000 respectively from inheritance of Rs. 70,000. The rest is 2 be divide so that the widow receives 3/2 times as much of it as the son. Then the amt received by (widow,son) per in thousands of rs. Is:

a. (44,26)

b. 42,28

c. 40,30

d. 45,30

e. none

8.the demand for a commodity linearly decreases by 0.5 unit for each unit increase in price & it vanishes when the price is set at 60 . The supply of the commodity vanishes when the price is set at 25 & equals the square root of the price in excess of this threshold price. Then the equilibrium at which the supply coincides with the demand is:

a. 45

b. 50

c. 55

d. 62+/-3 under-root86

e. none

9. t is a positive integer

4/7 = t/s

Col. A: s

Col. B: 7

12. Col. A 1-1/27

Col. B: 8/9+1/81

13. (-0.64)^4 & (-0.6)^3

14. M/c A produces x units of output per hour, while m/c B produces x units of output every 1.5 hrs.

15. How many hrs. does it take 2 produce x units of o/p , with both m/cs A &B working together?

a. (4x +!)/4x

b. 5/4

c. 3/(5x)

d. 3/5

16. 4 more machine are installed with their capacities lying between those of machine A & B . Which of the following can\'t be the average no. hrs. per machine for producing x units of output?

a. 1.05

b. 1.15

c. 1.25

d. 1.35

17. if 0<1 , then which of the following can be true?

a. s<-1 & t>0

b. s<-1 & t<-1

c. s>-1& t<-1

d. s>1 & t<-1

e. s>1 & t>1

18. To reproduce an old photograph , a photographer charges x dollars to make negative , 3x/5 dollars for each of the first 10 prints, & x/5 dollars for each print in excess of 10 prints . If $45 is the total charge to make a negative & 20 prints from an old photograph, what is the value sof x?

a. 3

b. 3,5

c. 4

d. 4.5

e. 5

19. A certain cake recipe states that the cake shud be baked in a pan 8 inches in diameter . If Jules want to make a cake of the same depth but 12 inches in diameter , by what factor shud he multiply the recipe ingredients?

a. 2 & half

b. 2 & one-fourth

c. 1 & half

d. 1 & 4/9

e. 1 & a/3


A farmer plants only 5 diff. Vegetables-beans, corn, kale, peas& squash. Every year the farmer plants exactly 3 kinds of vegetables as follows:]

If the farmer plants corn, the farmer also plants beans that year.

If he plants kale 1 year, he does not plant it next year

In any year, farmer plants no more than one of the vegetable the farmer planted in the previous year.

20. Which of the following is possible combinations plant in 2 successive years?

a. beans, corn, kale,; corn, peas, squash

b. beans,corn,peas; beans,corn,squash

c. beans, peas,squash; beans,corn.kale

d. corn,peas, squash; beans,kale,peas

e. kale, peas, squash; beans, corn,kale

21.if he plants beans, corn & kale in 1st year , which must be planted in 3rd year?

a. beans, corn, kale

b. peas, corn & kale

c. beans, kale , peas

d. beans, peas, squash

e. kale, peas , squash