Placement Papers - GE

General Electric Company
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Krishna kumar
Hello Friends

        I have attended GE test, the test was damn easy, there were two sections, comprising of 50 questions off 60 minutes contains 20 aptitude questions and 30 Technical questions.

       Aptitude section had Critical Reasoning 6 Q\'s, And General Reasoning 5-6 Q\'s and General Aptitude. Two Q\'s from Time and Work and 2 Q\'s from Chain Rule and 2 Q\'s from Ratio and proportion and 1 Q\'s from Time and Distance.

       In the technical part 10 Q\'s from Data Stucutre, 10 Q\'s from C and 10 Q\'s from C++. And for your information the test are not as per sheduled, mine was first bath it was shceduled to be at 8.30 but I started to write the exam only after 9:15. So be cool and be prepared with these pattern.