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General Electric Company
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Hi Friends

About GE test for .Net Software Engg.

I took the GE test on 2 Feb 2008 at Mumbai. The test time was 8:30 but start at 9:20 but atleast be on time. The test is for .NET, JAVA and testing (separate for each category)

The test consist of 3 sections
1) General Aptitude - 60 questions
2) Technical Aptitude - 60 questions
3) Technology section - 30 questions (i.e. .NET or JAVA depend upon what u applied for)

General aptitude section was bit lengthy and critical (most of from R S agarawal) do it last.
Technical aptitude was easy cover up all the basic knowledge (engineering concepts) like OS concepts, database, network etc.
Technology section was very easy if u r much familiar with it.

No negative marking for the answers.

Total 150 questions 90 min. time, after test they release us and told that they inform us by email if anybody get selected.