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Gas Authority of India Limited
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Hi Friends

I have attended the GAIL entrance exam for post of Sr. Engineer

These are the questions (approx. to my memory)

1.most of the questions came from electrical and electronic measurement

2.DVM -resolution to be found if the display is of 4 digit

3.abt pmmc

4.Crt monitor and lissagious pattern

5.creeping in energy meter is due to...

6.wht is the common carrier used in chromotograph.

7.Band pass filter (almost all types)

8.push pull amplifier

9.process control....cascade is having f/b or f/w or both

10.bode plot, all type of methods used to find stability, response, poles and zeros etc.

11.proportional controller

12.pi controller

13.Accuracy, precission, reproducibility... gen definitions

14.T/c used in parallel are used for what purpose... y t/c r kept in parallel

15.lvdt-used to measure?

16.random error...systematic error

17.wheat stone bridge

18.kelvin bridge is used for?

19.wein bridge

20.resistance VS temp.eqn
i.RTD ii.T/Ciii.thermistors iv.resistance strain gauge

21.starin gauge

22.prob in gauge factor




26.A/D conversion

27.Nuclear Inst alpha particles. beta particles, gamma particles

28.Inductance ,capacitance -measurement

29.electromagnetic flow meter principle


31.IEEE488 bus

32.optical fiber is used becoz -advantages

33.watt meter

34.guarded wheatstone bridge.


36.true rms -voltmeter

37.wave analyzer

38.hamonic distortion nalyzer

40.spectrum analyzer

41.photoresistive device frequency range.

50 aptitude

100 technical

in 50 Aptitude - some came from politics, G.K, Maths, English