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Gas Authority of India Limited
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Hi Friends

This is to give a wholesome experience of the test of GAIL INDIA Ltd. for telemetry.

The paper consisted of 150 questions MCQ including G.K, Tech and aptitude and time was 2 hrs.

100 questions technical, 50 aptitude +G.K

Most of the questions were based on DCN (digital communication and networking) and the electromechanical instruments as I applied for the post of Telemetry(E.T)

Some of the questions that i can remember is that of

Section 1
1) what are the steps of transfer of the frames.
options: common words, data words, hexadecimal words, mixed words.

2) the second step of sending data by frames.

3) what is inserted in the frames
Options: common words, hexadecimal, data sync words, framesync words.

About 7-8 questions were framed on just the content of the frame for sending data and also the encryption as well as the decryption words used

4) other questions (small numericals) were on the sampling frequency,sampling rate,number of levels and some questions on the digital communication concepts like PCM, PWM, PAM

5) numerical questions on the modulation depth/index, carrier amplitude of that of AM,FM,max. deviation

6) questions on electromechanical instruments were quite simple.
a)which of the following works on AC/DC.
options: tachometer,piezoelectric substance,photomultiplier tubes,thermocuple.
b)which needs external excitation.
options: thermocouple,resistance guage,photomultiplier tubes,piezoelectric substance.

7) questions on telemetry,data acquisition systems(process flowchart-what comes next......after first step),ethernet,internet,TCP/IP protocols,OSI layers functionality.

Section 2
This section was total GK section quizzing about the day to day happenings, ministers, business partnerships/alliance, company owners, stake holders

Section 3
This section was based on the General aptitude + English

1) General aptitude: easy questions on profit/loss, partnerships, ratios, age problems, identifying the odd figure out from 4 figures, finding 4th figure from the 3 given figures, logical questions on sequencing and arranging, ranks.

2) English was easy with a small and easy R.C, fill in the blanks with proper articles, words nearest in meaning to the given word.

Thats it guys, I hope this would help you perhaps as no GAIL papers were available till now so am writing it for you all people aspiring to be Executive trainees.