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Gas Authority of India Limited
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Hi Friends

I’m Sahil. I appeared for the GAIL exam. As I belong to ECE field so my category is Telemetry. This exam was different from all others govt. exam. There is no questions from our main subject like digital, analog and other important subjects. The questions were purely based on data comm.. & computer n/w. and some questions were from coding like m-ary, fec, Manchester etc. It was totally unexpected.

The time duration was 2 hrs and the total questions are 150. There were no negative marking. The technical part consists of 100 qs. & the general awareness part is of 50 qs. Technical part wes totally luck based and apti part was easy. The election of a candidate was totally based on his/her luck as no one answering technical part with full confidence. No one is sure of his/her selection. If luck is in my favour I’ll surely go through it I’m expecting of my good result bcoz I answered many questions correctly. The cut-off expecting is low in technical part.

I got no pattern of previous exam so I’m sharing my views with you. This will surely help students who will compete for this exam. Some questions that I remember are..

Technical part:
  1. tcp connection is-a) connectionless b) connection oriented and so on
  2. peer to peer connection is in which layer-
  3. seeback effect is takes place in- thermocouple
  4. temp to current conversion
  5. temp to voltage conversion
  6. manchestter encoding of following-0110110
  7. fec, hamming coding, cyclic coding, rhc, and other coding
  8. who invented telegraph
  9. shortest path of algorithm is
 10. gsm total handling time is 15-30 sec and so
 11. 2 or 3 questions were from invention
 12. file transfer protocol. File synchronization
 13. synchronistin bit, data bit and other type of related ques
 14. Mostly questions based on cn and data communication.
So prepare well these subject

Aptitude Part is easy...
5 questions based on reasoning
4-6 on figure problem
6 questions based on passage
4 based on articles
8-10 questions based on general awareness
Who is named as black pearl – pele, maradonna etc.
5-6 based on profit loss, work-time,percentage

This is all about GAIL exam..

So prepare well.

Best of luck to all candidates.....