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GAIL PAPER - 03 SEP 2006
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Hi Friends

I gave GAIL exam today as there are no papers anywhere, so I wd like to post the pattern so that it may help candidates.
150 questions in 2 hrs, speed should be gud.

General Awareness questions like next olympic logo, theme, SAARC based -total 15

Aptitude RS Agarwal work and time probs, age problems, ratio and averages like if one person having some weigth was replaced then what would be the weight of new person if average is given,area of rhombus, triangle, cram the formulaes of 2-d areas ...i got questions for traingle and rhombus

Set problem- 2questions again easy one
35 questions on above (aptitude)

from 51st question onward it was all IT /Computer Software
Simple Java :
try catch problem, class questions access modifiers(imp) they will give some code and have 4 outputs.
C++ questions :
like virtaul function is static or dynamic or both binding, or none(ans-dynamic)
which is not a keyword in C++, mutable there were 3 other i don rem.. i think mutable is answer.
overlodaing which operator cant be overloaded in C++.
C program code output for loop, valid declaration of arrays, conditional operator.
concepts are important here

then questions on: hexadecimal addition, binary conversion, base 11 conversion, vertice and graph theory.
time taken by quick sort and bubble sort when list is already sorted.
Preorder and inorder traversal is given find root node .

Lexical analyzer function -syntax analysis is answer. Compiler, linker function
UNIX speciality-multiprog, multitasking, batch processing or all. I wrote multitasking.
what is spooling needed for ?:I/O bound, memory bound or both operations..i wrote I/O.
Dot matrix is non impact/impact/none.-Impact
What is 80386 processor speciality terms of no of address bus.
optical technology is used in which of the following:CD/Floppy etc dont rem.. 2 options.
when can a computer act as server and client LAN /WAN/peer-peer/client server ..i wrote PtoP.

what is 16 bit processor -i think 16 bits for address bus/16 bits data /16 bits for control one more option -not sure but address according to me.
2-3 questions on paging ..if virtual memory is 2^g+k and main memory is 2^k+h what is page size?
one question was there on pascal data record how u will accesss..ith record.
what is ROM made of cmos/TTL..some other options too.
which will take less time Direct/indirect access/random ..
what is stack best used for..interruption/.....sorry dont remember the 3 options .
make your concepts clear on deque, stack and priority queue just the difference.

the GK questions i rem..
what is used to purify water: potasium permagenate, HCL, sulphuric acid.
who was elected president without opposition. just find out who. dont rem..options.
premchand upanayas name : vishkanya, some prem panche..
olympic theme or statement.