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GAIL - GAIL Sample questions
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1) The pitot tube is used to calculate the velocity of ?
2) To eradicate the over turning of the vehicle which has to be done. Reduce the mass, Reduce the Speed, Make the CG down for the vehicle.
3) Why governing is required in the turbine.
4) Why air vessel is placed in the reciprocating pump.
5) A problem on the blade speed of the impulse turbine.
6) The formula for the specific speed of the turbine.
7) What is the operation we perform in the CAD to fill the patches?
8) What is the meaning of cast iron SG 400/15
9) What happens to the cast iron rod when manganese is added to it.
10) The hardness of the cast iron bar can be increase which process.
11) Which type of fit is involved in G6/g7?
12) What happens to material in spinning operation.
13) Why multi-point cutting tool is used.
14) How can be directional solidification eradicated?
15) What type of welding is used to weld molen metal?
16) Two questions on stress concentration factor.
17) A question asked on the usage of keys.
18) Type of bolt used in heavy machinery.
19) A theatre providing e-icketing is maintained by which platform. This is the question related to management.
20) Three questions on gear mating.
21) If l/r ratio is increased what happens to its primary and secondary forces.
22) Maximum value of x power 1/x.
23) Slope of the curves Y= a power X and Y=b power X.
24) Which will have high COP value a. 20 deg super heat or b. 20 deg subcooled.
25) Given an equation for average velocity and asked to calculate the covective acceleration at a specified length.