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Flextronics Interview Experience - Chennai, February 20, 2016
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Vamsi Krishna
Hello Friends,

My Name is Vamsi Krishna. V and I am going to share my experience with you about Flextronics Off Campus Placement which was held on the mentioned date. The Role was for Senior Analyst (Supply Chain Management).

There were totally four rounds: Aptitude, GD, Technical Interview and HR Interview.

First Round: Aptitude Round.

In this round they asked questions on Supply Chain Management (20 qsns) , English Grammar (20 qsns) and Logical Reasoning (20 qsns). Hey are more focussed on English part as it contains grammar and logical part as it tests your logical skills. Concentrate more on your english competency.

After finishing our tests, names were called out for GD. I was tensed waiting for my name to be called and luckily got shortlisted to GD.

Second Round: GD.

In this round, they look for your communication skills and your confidence on speaking out. The topic given for us was: Course v/s College, which should we choose. I chose course and spoke on it. Friends, be confident in speaking out confidently. They don\'t look for content. Try to grab the HR\'s attention. After GD got over, they selected 15 out of 20 students in our batch, in which I got selected.

Third Round: Technical Interview.

There were two tech interview rounds.

Round 1: The HR asked about me and my family and about my likes, goals etc. I explained clearly to him. He also asked about my analytical and problem solving skills. Don\'t get nervus friends and be confident while talking with them. Maintain your eye contact and try to maintain a smile. Don\'t get confused with your answers as they test your confidence. I spoke very confidently and gave him handshakes while entering and leaving. (Handshakes would determine whether you are nervous or not). Try to be confident till the end.

After the interview got over, He asked me to wait. I waited and the result was that I got selected to the second round of Tech Interview.

Round 2: Here too maintain your confidence and don\'t get nervous. I was asked questions based on my subject as I was from EEE department. Be confident in your answers as they would confuse you. After finishing round 2, I was asked to wait. I got selected to the Final HR interview.

Final Round: HR Interview.

I waited for my turn for meeting the HR. The HR was so kind and cheerful. She asked about my personal details, educational details and since this job would mostly be on night shifts, I was asked whether I am comfortable with it. I readily accepted it. Friends, whatever time schedules you give accept it as there may be chances of losing your job at the last minute, if you don\'t accept their timings. Be confident here too. I was very calm and composed throughout the process.

At last, I got selected. The offer letter would be sent by June/July (as informed by them).

Waiting for the offer letter.

Hope this would be of great help for you friends.