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Hi Friends

I am Sakthivel from Hindustan college of Engineering.. I am going to give you the selection procedure of Fidelity Business solution.

1. Aptitude [technical + quantitive]
2. Technical interview.
3. Managerial HR.

It will be very easy if you are very clear in some important topics in R.S.Agarwal book.. they asked very basic aptitude questions and some technical questions from C, C++, Data structure..
Totally 30 questions in first round [18 aptitude +12 technical questions]
Cut off will be for both aptitude and technical..

Technical interview
That also very easy one. For me they have asked questions from C, C++, Data structures. Thing is you have to answer clearly and boldly for whatever questions they are asking..

Managerial HR
Actually they will ask some technical questions in this round also and some usual questions like "Tell about yourself, where you will be after five years, Hobbies etc.."

They will see your overall performance from your aptitude round to last round.. Actually they have conducted one more HR round for some of my friends.. With Gods grace, I got selected as one among my ten college friends..

All the best