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Hi Friends

I am an MCA student from CEG, Anna Univ. Fidelity visited our campus on 3rd August 2007.

In the morning they have given ppt in which they gave details about company.
Total students Appeared:- 150
Written Cleared:- 37
Finally selected:-6

There was 3 rounds:-
1) Written test
2) Technical Interview
3) HR interview

There was no GD.

1) Written test consists of two parts. Total time for written test was 50 min
- Technical 12 question
- Aptitude 18 question

The question in technical section was mainly from DS (linked list, queue, stack, program output).

For Apti (very easy) just go through R.S. Aggarwal book. You can easily solve 15 problems.
Questions are shuffled. so don\'t copy the answers from your friends.

2) Technical Interview: My turn came on around 7pm evening. He asked some question about college and about placement program of my college.
Then he asked my area of interest (OOPs concept and OS).
He asked about what is polymorphism, Inheritence etc.
Some ques from OS. Then he gave me one paper and told me to write one linked list program and another program about sum of the digits of a number.
I wrote it correctly. Then he himself written a program and told me what will be the output.
There was some error in the program so I told no output.
Duration of tech interview was around 20 min.

After half an hour one person came to me and told me u have cleared tech round. be ready for HR round. huuhhhh. Thank God.

3) My HR interview started around 9:30 pm night. There was three members in the panel.
They asked me :
tell me about yourself.
One person was viewing my resume. As i have mentioned Rational rose in my resume, he asked some ques from OOAD.
what is class diagram?
waht is sequence diagram?
what is swim lane in sequence diagram?
Then he gave me one paper and asked me to explain swim lane through one example.
I was not very confident but was somehow explained it through one example. they was impressed.
After that they asked me simple HR ques.
where do u want to join?
why chennai only ?
why don\'t u join in Patna? (as i belong to bihar)
bla bla bla...

Duration of HR interview was around 20 min.

Finally they announced the result around 10:30pm. My name was the last name in the list. I thanked to GOD.