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Fidelity Interview Experience - BMSCE, Bangalore 11-08-2016
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PS: This piece of writing is not very formal in nature! And I have decided to share it this way !

Job profiles:

1. Data Engineering.
2. Quality Assurance.
3. System Engineer.

Pay: 5 CTC (including base pay, HRA, PF).

No of People attending first round: 250.

Total hired: 10.


A lot of tension in the air! Having done with 3 rounds of interviews, fingers crossed, we waited, together, for the best (results!), under the trees in front of placement office on a moonlit night.

For most of us it was the first time we were facing interviews. The nerve-racking experience of the one-on-one questioning was only made better by the friendly interviewers who made us feel comfortable.

There were 4 rounds in total. The preliminary round was an online aptitude test. It had total time duration of 50 minutes. Two sections; Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation for 30 minutes, and Verbal (English Grammar) for 20 minutes.

The shortlisted candidates then proceeded to the interviews. All were elimination rounds. Since a lot of students from our branch made through, there was unwavering support, and heartfelt wishes when any of our names were called during the interview process.

First was the technical round. Since Fidelity was hiring for three designations, the candidates were asked questions based on the preference of designation they had chosen. Questions on basic programming, database management and testing were asked. Questions about projects carried out and the individual contributions to it were common.

Next was the behavioural round that tested the students on crisis management and communication skills. Some were asked technical questions again, but for most of us it was fun and questions were mostly about everyday life situations or current affairs.

HR round mostly consisted of common questions : Do you plan on pursing higher education? Why Fidelity? Will you be willing to relocate to Chennai? (Fidelity has offices in Bangalore and Chennai).

The recruitment process: 9. 00AM to 9. 00PM, pretty much a very long day at college. But if it\'s going to change your life, why not? It is all worth it! And then we heard the golden words, "You are recruited! " Yes, we were!

August 11, 2016 will remain a very special day for us. The day we got our FIRST job!

Hacks :

FOR Aptitude:

1) Don\'t waste time on time consuming questions. Questions are easy but TIME is the trap here. Manage your time smartly. Remember that Quants and verbal have separate timers.

2) Take mock tests to realise your strengths and weaknesses.

3) Take calculative risks, no harm. NEGATIVE marking is there. DON\'T TAKE A COMPLETE WILD GUESS whatever be it. Believe me, what you know for sure is usually sufficient to clear the cutoff. Mark those you feel is right. Why lose what you have gained?

4) Point number 3 is my strategy. I believe that I cleared the cutoffs only because of this.

FOR Verbal:

Very easy. Scoring section. Simple English grammar and vocabulary. Nothing to worry.


Keep calm. They are also human beings. They aren\'t gonna eat you. Try to make yourself comfortable with the interviewer in the beginning. Helps you to answer well. Confidence is the key. Express desire for learning new things. Be open to suggestions and mention that you will learn whatever is necessary for your job!