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Hi Everyone,

   I am sharing my first interview experience which was with FIDILITY.
   RVCE bangalore july 2012
2.Aptitude Test
3.GD (if only more are ppl are shorlisted)
4.Tech interview
5.HR interview

1. PPT - ONE of the best introductory talk about their company...they told exactly what they do,what u learn,and where u stand...

2. Aptitude Test
 It consisted of some medium and easy Numerical sums.
 Some 15-20 questions

 There was 1 bar graph ,1 pie chart
 Very easy u need simply analyse the question correctly. just simple maths

 10 Questions on English included comprehension,filling articles,Choose the wrong sentence out of 4 etc..
 pretty simple

Aptitude is the main round for elimination. My advice s solve all the easy questions first, then try medium level. if you find a questions difficult don\'t even think of solving it simply mark some answer.

AROUND 125 people took the written test.

Only 27 were Shortlisted and I was one of them. That was the first time I cleared Apti. I was happy and got little tensed too. because, I was not prepared properly even if they had asked me simple sorting algorithms I was not able to write code for those. So before interview just glance the basics.

3. GD was not conducted because only less people cleared Aptitude.

4. Tech interview-45 min approx.

 It was a great experience. My first interview
 The guy who interviewed me was awesome friendly!
 When My name was called he came and Shake my hand and took to interview Room.

 First question-Tell me about yourself
 This question is asked just to comfort us.

 Next -resume glance
 I had pretty Good marks in 10th,12th..and even in engineering

 He was also too happy seeing Grades..then

Since I had mentioned I had participated in Robotic Competitions and Workshops..
HE asked how these Competition go..and what you exactly do?

I explained how a Line following Robot and about sensors other things for 15 min

He told Good and asked which is your fav programming language???
I told C.

Then he asked which is your favour topic in C?
I knew if I tell pointers, files etc he would screw me so I told functions

He asked do you know recursive functions?
I told Yes. then asked to write a simple program TO find FACTORIAL using recursive
I wrote. roughly. he asked how does it work..I explained..


Which is better "for loop" or recursive ?
I told for loop because we just declare an int and keep checking some condition..but in case of recursive every time a function is called recursively .It has to use stack, change PC address etc..which takes time and..if infinite loop there may be stack overflow..etc ...he was satisfied.


Little tough questions started

Explain link list,double link list,stack,,,etc
Next a program "TO Reverse a link list"
I got little tension because I didn\'t knew...the code for that..

Hmm I just sat silent for 2 min..then he told its simple..just think how to trace elements from back..
I told change pointer directions ..
He told OK correct but how to do?

I told use for loop and change directions. But I knew it was not so simple..
I just rote a for loop and was trying to do some thing..I knew I wont get it rite by this method. Next

He told leave for loop think "out of box" have only for loops?
No other data structure which can help u getting this?

I told we can use stack or queue.

He asked HOW?

I just told trace the elements from first by pushing the address of each node on stack..then ill be having the last elements node at the top ..So pop the address and make a list..I don\'t my answer was correct or not..he told GOOD..I was happy..

NEXT PUZZLES-most difficult part of interview

He told 2 identical mobile phones, 10 floors, he asked by using only 2 phones how to find the min floor from which even though the phone is dropped and would not break?

I had read this puzzle some were..but didn\'t no exact answer
I told we can solve like binary sort..

GO to 5th floor first drop phone if the phone breaks then min floor is between 1-4.if it doesn\'t 5-10.

If it does break then try 3rd floor..if it doesn\'t then 7th floor..
but this is not the exact answer..

But he was happy that I told a decent answer...So in interview you need not solve the puzzle correctly you need to just have a good approach to solve when you find a problem..
HE told your answer is decent but not exactly correct ..He told you need to use other concepts..I told DON\'T NO..

You asked how was their ppt, how much you no about the company, did you see our website..etc

Just to no whether I was interested about the company..
I always glance a company website before the interview and then no about their products and services...
Some 10 min general talk..

THEN he asked Any questions?

DON\'T SAY NO...if u say NO you may be rejected because they feel ..if you don\'t want to no about their company or profile or anything..It looks your not interested to join their company! SO

I just asked what are all the profiles you give and about training etc..

He asked do you know about finance..I he told even he was a BE graduate and..if you do BE you need not always get a job in coding or core job...what we do even Technology...we use maths..we use our u need not feel bad by joining a finance company like fidelity even those you do BE..I told OK sir.

He asked what you learnt from this college?
Its RVCE so I need not tell about the quality of students..I told good friends, good team work.1st college in Karnataka etc.
He was pretty happy.


HE told get ready for HR you have cleared the round..I was too happy that my first interview went decently..and cleared..Tech Interview..
"""" Only 17 were shortlisted from 27 for HR""""

5. HR interview

Then HR, I thought even this would be some simple interview.I could not believe in next 2 hrs.I can say Even I am "placed"

BUT I was wrong The interview was like screwing..I really didn\'t expect...

A lady HR..when I entered the Room she gave an odd smile..I felt what questions she may ask!

Again first question Tell me about yourself?

Then..what programming languages you know?

I told C,C++ and simply bluffed I am learning JAVA..and I am interested in coding..etc

NEXT moment I realized I shouldn\'t have told I like coding very much...because she asked if your so interested in coding why didn\'t you get in other software companies like oracle, netapp etc..

I told I tried but I couldn\'t..just simple answer..

Next she asked suppose if you get "iris" would you leave our company..
I asked "IRIS"?

She told a networking company..I told "yes"..

Seriously I tell you this was a stress interview..meaning..she was asking questions very fast.and expected fast replies..I realized that I told "Yes" after 2 min..

IF your put in a stress interview you seriously tell answers what you have in your can\'t tell a lie..that\'s what I realized and myself slowed down and took time to answer

I told no..because everyone in our will get a job so I need not thing about higher studies..
She asked EVERYONE really?

I told Yes man at-least 90%..

What about those 10%..I told may be they have backlogs, no eligibility..etc

She asked do you have any backlogs..I told NO..

NEXT she started asking ambiguous questions..
What you do if you don\'t like our company after 6 months..would you leave?

What profile you want ?
I told coding since I was interested in that...

What would you do if I put you in testing or maintenance..would you leave the job?

I WAS totally confused to say YES or NO..

I simply told I\'ll see work culture and decide..

Then she asked any questions?

I asked what about the job profile??
She told their are many profiles business analyst, testing, maintenance, application dev..etc

Depending on training we I\'ll split students into different profiles...


That\'s it..THANKS for reading..I hope this helps..

I Was waiting for results from 2 pm..and finally they called to assemble in auditorium..and announced the list.."FULLY TENSED" can\'t express it..

They told out of 17 they have shortlisted 10...


ANY they started calling names one by one and finally.." MY NAME WAS NOT IN THE LIST" ,I was rejected ..I felt very bad..

BUT GUYS don\'t feel very depressed if your rejected ....IT MEANS U HAVE BETTER OFFER THAN THIS...

I GOT PLACED IN ANOTHER company of higher package..and R&D profile..So if you fail in a interview take it as an experience and learn from our mistakes.